Friday, August 2, 2013

14 Things About Shelly

by Chad Morris

Alright everyone, today is Shelly’s birthday and she finally looks like she’s 25! Feel free to wish her a happy b-day below. And in her honor, here are 14 things you may not have known about Shelly:

1.  Shelly actually is her middle name. Okay, it’s Michelle. Any guesses on her real first name? 

2. She learned to fight with a broadsword in college. Don’t mess with her.

3. She once shaved her head to support her young cousin who had cancer and raise money for cancer research. (We had matching heads.)

4. She's a California girl and misses the ocean, especially during the winter in Utah.

5. Long before she had a passion for writing, she had a passion for acting. She’s been Ado Annie in Oklahoma, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, and Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (among many others). She’s really talented. And because of her acting, we once had this conversation in a movie theater:

Shelly looking up at the screen, then tilting her head: “I think I kissed that guy.”
Me: “Was it before or after we were married?”
Shelly: “I’m not sure. I think after. But don’t worry, you’re a better kisser.”

I'm actually not sure if she said that last line, but for my own pride I threw it in. I think at last count she has kissed five other guys since we were married. Scandalous, I know. Of course they were all in plays or movies.

6. Shelly loves to watch Korean dramas (Despite me trying to mimic all their awesome sounds. I'm sure my Korean is pretty spot on.)

7. She once jumped out of the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland.

8. She’s birthed five kids. And she is usually really discouraged that the hospital doesn’t let her leave sooner than they do. She once gave birth on a Friday night and was in church on Sunday. Alright, she was only in church for about twenty minutes, but that’s still amazing.

9. She's an incredible mom.

10.   She has friends everywhere. Yep, you’re probably one of them. If not, just say hi, and then you’re in. She’s an amazingly friendly loving person.

11.   Shelly’s done roofing, electric work, and drywall mudding.

12.   She was part of a comedy troupe in college, and joined an improve troupe on the side. She kicks my trash at improv.

13.   Shelly’s finished a book she is shopping around right now. It’ll find a home. You just watch. She’s done a great job.

14.   She makes people better. That definitely includes me. From helping me remember people’s names, to critiquing my writing, to encouraging me to jump all the way into a new challenge.

Happy Birthday, Shelly!


  1. Happy birthday Shelly! What a lovely post full of interesting snippets, I enjoyed learning more about you. Have a great day!

  2. Awww, I think he really likes you! Happy birthday, Shelly!

    And I think your first name must be .... Allison. No? Ummmm Sarah? Oh I know! It must be Wendy!

  3. Happy Birthday to a talented & gorgeous lady! Hope this next year totally rocks :)

  4. I am so, so, so happy I know you.

  5. What a sweet list! I love Shelly. She is the sole reason I have so many online writer friends!

  6. Happy birthday!!! Have a GREAT one!

  7. Shelly is amazing huh?! Happy birthday to my amazing sister!

  8. When I said I only wanted a letter for my birthday, I didn't mean for you to post it on the internet! BTW, that picture makes me look crazy...which might be true but at least I try to hide it.

    I AM really good at improvE comedy. I'm also a decent proofreader ;)

    You're the sweetest. Really you are. Love you, babe XOXOXO

  9. I am so glad you guys have this blog so I can fully appreciate how awesome Shelly is! Love you Shelly!

  10. Shelly is amazing. That's all there is to it. LOVE her!

  11. She's a better man than I am, so to speak. Happy Birthday!!

  12. I love this list. She does make people better, no question. I totally know her first name is Carol, and a lot of that other stuff *cough* kdramas *cough* but I didn't know about the Disneyland thing. Totally going to read that post right now!

  13. Okay - that last one kind of makes me tear up. You guys are so cute! And I love Shelly! It's impossible NOT to love her. She really is so friendly and loving and makes people better. Happy Birthday Shelly!

  14. What a sweet way to mark her birthday! She sounds amazing, and I hope she (and you!) had a wonderful day!

  15. Happppppppppy Birthday!!! I'm so glad to have met you and I'm just sad I don't live next door to you so I can have a little Shelly in my life every day! I'm guessing your first name is really Amazing. Amazing Shelly Brown. Has a good ring to it I say.

  16. Love this girl. Seriously. Shelly is one of those people who make you feel like you're her best friend... which means she has hundreds of best friends!

    Such a beautiful post. You guys are such a wonderful couple!


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