Wednesday, November 9, 2011


By Chad Morris

Blonde, pretty, silky hair
Fallen to the ground
Shaved away from its home
Lying all around
Most women would never do it
It’s too great a sacrifice
Plus, being bald in winter
Is cold

Some women shave their heads
For attention or applause,
But Shelly shaved it away
For a greater cause
Of course she went shopping
For some scarves and new hats
I’m really proud of her
Really. I’m not kidding. The girl has some grit—some real courage. She’s changing the world a little bit at time. Plus I’m sure she’ll look REALLY good bald. She’ll have kind of a sassy, I-don’t-need-my-hair-to-look-gorgeous kind of thing going on. And of course it’ll save time and shampoo.

I do think a part of this is funny,
Yes, funny is what I said.
Some couples might wear matching shirts
Now we have matching heads.


  1. Ha ha, love it! You will be cute in your matching bald heads. And YES she will look beautiful bald!

  2. Heck yeah! And just in time for Christmas cards!

  3. Love, love, crazy love it! This is just the sort of thing that boosts our spirits and warms our hearts and I love it when I can have a good laugh at the same time!
    Stellar poetry, Chad! Magnificent sacrifice, Shelly!

    Hey you two - I LOVE your new blog! Fantastic header, Marvelous ideas, Spectacular couple and couple of writers! I'm SO happy I'm along for the ride!

  4. Chad - nice to meet you :) I think Shelly is just phenomenal (spelling?)
    What is the link to donate again? If Shelly is REALLY going to go Sinead O'Conner, I better pony up.

  5. Great poem! The last line was pure AWESOME.

  6. Now she will look beautiful inside and out.

  7. Yep. Shelly's a brave awesome girl.

    Kim - Here is where you can donate:

    Thanks for the love everyone.

  8. Ha ha! That was great! Love the matching heads. :)


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