Wednesday, December 7, 2011


by Chad Morris

My son wants a Harry Potter Party for his birthday. It has me thinking. So here are a bunch of random Harry Potter thoughts:

FAVORITE BOOK IN THE SERIES: Prisoner of Azkaban. I liked the first two, but this one won me over. I really enjoyed 4 and 7 as well. 5 was a bit too angry, but still fun. 

BEST NAME IN THE SERIES: Neville Longbottom

MY FAVORITE CHARACTER: Luna Lovegood (hands down)

FAVORITE HARRY POTTER PHRASE MY 3-YEAR-OLD SAYS: Eat slugs! (pointing a pencil, or a stick, or a sword, or his pants that he should be wearing.)

FAVORITE HARRY POTTER MEMORY: When I started reading the Harry Potters, my wife made fun of me for reading "kids books." When I finally convinced her to give them a shot, she beat me through the series.

FAVORITE HARRY POTTER MEMORY #2: My 9-year-old son read all of them. I don’t think I read a 700 page book until I . . . read the Harry Potters in college.

MISMATCHED PAIR: Though it made for great scenes, I'm still not sure about the Hermione and Ron thing. Would that really work?

(Thanks Naminoo)

A HARRY POTTER QUESTION: If the magic is so good and they can regrow bones, why does Harry still have glasses?


BEST ACTING MOMENT IN THE MOVIES: Voldemort’s awkward hug with Draco Malfoy in the last movie. It just fit.

WORST NAME: Albus Severus Potter—That kid is going to be teased. Might as well prepare now kid for every flavor beans being magically shoved up your nose. 

And yes, I was Voldemort for Halloween. I'm a pastey bald guy. If I just didn't have a nose, I'd wouldn't have even had to try.

If you have any suggestions of what to do for our son's party, leave them in the comments, or on the thread on Shelly's facebook. All suggestions welcome.  

Or if you want to leave your favorites, least favorites . . . etc about Mr. Potter in comments, feel free. 


  1. I completely agree on the worst name--what was J.K. thinking?

    I love everything Potter! My youngest looks just like Emma Watson--exactly like her!!! People stop us on the street and tell her that. And she can do a killer English accent. Do you want to borrow her for your party?

  2. I think the worst name is actually Draco's kid's name. SCORPIUS. Really? Awkward hug was awesome, and YES Azkaban was the best book in the series!

    As for the birthday party, wizarding duels? Bertie Bott's jelly bean flavor tasting challenge (in which the gross ones are mixed with their similar looking yummy ones)? Costume contest?

    OR you could stage a Harry Potter puppet show. Like So:

    Or get ideas from Neville's birthday party (although it's probably not that kid appropriate...):

  3. I am completely uncreative at this stuff. I have to get online and google it or get my bestie involved. I'm pathetic. However - knowing what I do about you and Shelly, I know you guys can pull off something awesome!

    I am LMAO over this post! Awesome thoughts.

  4. Love this post, and I think Scorpius is slightly worse than Albus Severus . . .slightly.
    Have fun at your son's awesome birthday party.
    We read the whole series out loud as a family (well, after I read them first, and my husband got impatient with the read aloud time in book 7 and finished ahead). I love reading books together as a family.

  5. After further review, I think Scorpius is the worst name.

    That kids is going to have to be bad . . . or a professional wrestler.


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