Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't Tell the PoPo that I'm A Tagger

Wow, that is the most ghetto title! I haven't hung out with ghetto people for a LONG time. I'm pretty sure that very few people in my neighborhood right now could tell you what that sentence means. So, if you didn't get it either, don't sweat it, it just means that you lived a blessed sheltered life.

I have been tagged AGAIN with the same questions and since I thought those questions were strange the first time (did you get that impression reading my answers? If not, I need a sarcasm font. Thanks, James.) I have decided to make up my own questions. After all, I am a writer.

What are three words that describe you?
Energetic Funny Mom

Type them into google image and pick your favorite picture.

ummmm, this totally came up and I promise I didn't type in Gay, Football, Singer.....I'll try again......

Yep, that looks about right.

If you could be any character from The Simpsons who would you be?
Ralphie Wiggums
Not only does he have the funniest things to say on the show but he is BLISSFULLY ignorant of any of his imperfections. Oh, to live life so happy!

Name one thing you miss about being a kid?
Summers of living in my swimsuit and eating sno-cones. Summers of sleeping on trampolines, in boats, and on the porch of the cabin. Summers where my only responsibility is to make sure that I get home for all of my meals. I miss summers of freedom.

If you could wake up one morning in an alternate world (from a book/movie/TV) which one and why?
I'm thinking I would leave Dystopian stuff (Maze Runner, Blade Runner, Hunger Games) on my shelf and jump myself into The Shire.
This question was really hard for me. A close second was The Hundred Acre Woods.

If anyone would like to answer these questions on their own blog consider yourself tagged. Otherwise I have fulfilled my "tagging" and the chain-letter leprechauns won't burn my house down.


  1. Does it say something about me that I totally knew what your title meant--and found the humor in it?

    If I had to pick somewhere to wake up I would pick--Hogwarts :)

  2. I'm laughing that you made up your own questions. I love it! I heard your sarcasm loud and clear. I speak it fluently.

    (My hubby is a PoPo, but I promise I won't tell on you:)

  3. Oh, yes, I picked up on the sarcasm. It is my first language after all.

    Great post, hard to follow that one up. I loved #2, lol!

  4. Great post! I love reading memes; it's so fun to learn more about people.

    In answer to a question I see up on the right, I absolutely know a writer who doesn't like to read. He's even published. That baffles the heck out of me. It's like saying you don't like breathing.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only ghetto kid on the block!

    Rebecca, is it James?

  6. Shelly, I'm so with you on the summer thing... oh, to be eternally 9 years old, or Ralph Wiggum :)
    Kim K


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