Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh, the troubles of new technology!

I feel like such a teeny tiny blue bird hopping around aimlessly on Twitter. I am having so much trouble understanding the medium. I can Facebook, chat, video conference, text, email, and blog but I'm a pretty terrible tweeter. I keep looking for the 'like' button. I want to make a brief comment about someone's tweet but not subject everyone who follows me to this "LOL" or "Me too!!"

I just have to remind myself that I am not the first person who was befuddled by new technology.

I am willing to take any Twitter advice anyone has for me.
I'm pretty Twerrible. 
(Yes, I just said that. No, I won't delete it.)


  1. Why you reply to someone at twitter only your followers who follow that person can see your reply.

  2. ah ha haha! funny video :) No twitter advice from me. I follow your tweets through text messaging and they allways get cut off... not really sure of another way to follow tweets... feeling a little old right now.

  3. @ and # are your best friend when using twitter. Use @ to talk to someone in particular. Use # to talk about a specific topic or for a luagh. And really, the only thing that worked for me was to just jump in and flounder a bit. I still feel a little ridiculous at times, but meh. What can you do.

  4. That was an awesome video!

    Best way to learn to tweet is to just do it. You'll catch on. Don't insult anyone, don't talk about yourself incessantly, and everything else will be forgiven. If you like a comment, hit retweet so everyone who follows you can read it, or reply to comment on it. Lots of people combine the two by copying the tweet into their own, the adding a comment, followed by "RT" and the original tweet.

    I hadn't known Connie's advice and frankly wonder if that's true--why wouldn't anything I tweet be sent to all my followers, no matter who is @-mentioned in it? Perhaps it is something special about Reply (which links them, so you can see the conversation)--but I'm almost positive I've clicked to follow a conversation before and found someone new to follow (if that makes sense). Perhaps not?

    Hashtags are awesome, though. #YAlitchat and #askagent are two of my favorites, also #storymaker11--for the conference tweets. The tweet-chats are done with hashtags, and everyone participating uses the same hashtag during the chat time, then you can click on the hashtag and go to a screen where you can see all the tweets with that hashtag.

    Hashtags are also good for finding tweeters with commonalities:#writer #writing #author #editing, #writetip, etc. Add these to your writing-related tweets so others can find you. Search for those hashtags to find other writers.

    Hashtags can also be used to set apart phrases that are (or ought to be) commonly used: #funtimes #youmightbearedneckif #tweetingishard #fieonsocialnetworking --you get the idea. Any punctuation you use will end the hashtag, so skip it: #dontusepunctuation.

    Any questions? :)


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