Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Follow your Dreams

I know that a lot of my writing friends dream about a book deal.

Well, I'm here to tell you that even a dog can get a book deal.

Boo loves Oprah, the color pink, and chicken. But Boo also has over 1.2 million fans on Facebook and makes his own YouTube vlog of sorts. It's this kind of popularity that got Boo a book deal with Chronicle Books for his debut book to come out this fall and it's called  

SO I think the RECIPE for sucess here is:

1. Make yourself really cute
2. Become a YouTube celebrity
3. Get 1.2 million friends on Facebook
4. Write a book

I think I've just been doing things out of order this whole time. Thanks Boo for the help :)


  1. Love it! Now the world makes sense. I wonder what Boo will do with his money?

  2. Well, 2 million Facebook fans can't be wrong....

  3. alright... so you are starting with "make yourself cute"? may i suggest going for the shirly temple look? buy some taps and talk in a little voice!


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