Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Gathering by Randy Lindsay

by Shelly Brown

Let me introduce you to one of my first writing friends,
Randy Lindsay

To say that Randy Lindsay is a great support is an understatement.
He's not only a support to me but to many, 
many others in the writing community.
He's honest,
and smart.
And the guy can write!

His writing is easy to read and his stories are gripping.

I wasn't surprised when his book was picked up for publication.
So when I was invited to participate in his blog tour for his debut novel I jumped at the chance.

Not only do I get to read 
(reread, actually. Beta buddy!)
 but I get to blog


That's right, today's the day. 
So congrats Papa Lindsay on such a beautiful new book!

Love the color and the simplicity of the cover.

The Gathering is about the end of times and what could happen on both the familial and governmental levels. It follows the Williams family as they deal with scarcity, relationships, church duties, security, and survival. It also follows the Secretary of State, Calvin McCord, as he deals with global intrigues, divisive parties, and ethics in politics. The stakes are higher than my writing is able to imply. Lindsay's writing is solid and the story is a page turner. Recommended to fans of The Great and the Terrible series. I agree with Elana Johnson when she says that it's a "fantastic addition to the LDS genre."

You can buy the book HERE and HERE
And learn more about Randy HERE and HERE


  1. Aw shucks. I don't know what to say (there's a first), except thanks. : )

  2. Sounds like just the kind of story my hubby likes.

  3. Wow! It's been great to watch Randy's writer-journey over social media. Congratulations!

  4. Great cover and this does sound like a good book. This is my first time hearing about it- so thanks for sharing. Best of luck to Randy!

  5. Figured I'd find a blog from you guys sooner or later. Had a blast at LTUE! ;)



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