Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever felt defeated?
Linda Eadie 

One time when I was sitting cross-legged for too long, I stood up to walk but my feet were asleep and I fell. So, no, I never have, but I can imagine what it feels like.

I think we all get discouraged in the writing field. If someone says that they don’t they are either lying or they don’t put their hearts into the work. I’m big believer in prayer and that always helps me when I begin to feel defeated.

The only real question is why haven't you already done a blog post about me?
Dan Reed 

I have! SEE!

What's with most the shows on VH1?
Doug Bay 

The same thing that is wrong with America. I blame the people who are on them and the people who watch them.

What's your current writing project? What's your writing vision?--Series, One big story, Anthologies, Poems? 

I am currently revising a Middle Grade Fairytale retelling. The hopes is that it is a series (the first book doesn't even touch the fairytale)

I have written a few short stories about pixies, for children. They are supposed to go together in a collection one day.

And I’m planning the heck out of a SciFi RomCom to write for NaNoWriMo.

So, you know, I like to travel the board.

Is the hokey pokey really what it's all about? 

Dianne Wirig

I’ve actually heard that ‘it’s all about the execution’ and though I don’t know what killing people has to do with anything, I would have to say that it makes more of an impact than The Hokey Pokey.

Are there any genres you wouldn't have any interest in writing? If so, what are they? 

I do not do erotica. I couldn’t even finish reading the first chapter of the second Twilight. Too lovey-icky. All of my romance is SUPER sweet. 

There is a level of horror I would never write. I would only write horror that I think a thirteen-year-old could handle. Anything beyond that is not a place I want to dwell for the duration of writing a book.

I also would never write a book about dust mites. They give me the willies and I don't think they have a strong market pull.

There’s not much beyond those three that I wouldn’t consider writing. 

What's the deal with Canada? Collin O'Neil 

On a cold December day in 1814, the Treaty of Ghent was signed and by February it went into effect. The occupied territories were returned and the prewar boundary between Canada and the US were restored and trade resumed. The American's also gained fishing rights in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Unless of course you meant THIS 

Now, I open it up to you to ask any question that you'd like and I'll answer it and post it here and we'll pretend like lots of people have asked me this question...frequently...

So ask your question in the comments below :)


  1. I've heard that you have 100 kids. When do you find time to write?

    1. If you learn the Qwerty board really well you can type with your eyes closed. With my eyes closed I pretend that I don't have any kids and that I am typing at a table in the middle of a (climate-controlled) forest filled with magical creatures. This is secret I share with you my faithful readers ;)


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