Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hot Guys in Doublets: Jonny Lee Miller

Shall we? I think we shall.

If they ever pull this video from YouTube these posts just aren't going to be the same.

Recognize this guy?

This, my friends, is Jonny Lee Miller.
The picture is from Mansfield Park (1999)
So is this one

And this one

Why do we love the silly character of Edmund?
He is riddled with faults.
He foolishly falls in love with the money grubbing Mary Crawford
He completely ignores the pining Fanny. (no jokes please)
He doesn't like theatrics and then against his better judgement joins in.
He is deeply devoted to his family.
He loves Fanny, really loves her.
He loves God and becoming a clergyman more than he loves Mary.
He sees his folly and repents of it
and if Fanny can forgive him, so can I.

Many of you probably know that this isn't the only place you can see Jonny Lee Miller in a doublet
(and in an Austen film for that matter)

He played the adorable Mr.Knightly in
the BBC's Emma (2009)

and another picture for good measure

Oh, and the scrumptious Lord Byron
in Byron (2003) (thanks Anna)

But did you know that Jonny Lee Miller was married to Angelina Jolie from ‘96-‘99?
I'm sure some of you are shaking your head and muttering "Where do you think we've been. Of course we know!"
Well for those of you who didn', you do!

And we will part, until next time, with this picture.

Good-bye, Mr. Miller!
Next time I think we'll visit Mansfield Park again. Any guesses who it will be?


  1. I have never seen Johnny Lee Miller dressed in period clothing. HotChaCha. Thanks for sharing ; )

  2. I was at a preview screening for a movie called Aeon Flux. There was nobody sitting next to me. The movie started and about ten minutes in, three people came in. One sat beside me. Two others behind me. Everytime this one actor came out, the two behind me would slap the person next to me on the shoulder or shout "woo-hoo". Honestly, it was annoying. When the lights came on, I was like "Isn't that? Weren't you?" He smiled as he left, that Johnny Lee did.

  3. So lovely. Another period piece I really need to see.

  4. Yep, he's a hottie. And I had no idea he was married to Jolie. NO CLUE! So I'm glad I know. Now, I think I will go through these pictures one more time just for fun. :)

  5. Once again, another great pick. He was quite adorable in Mansfield Park. Can't wait for the next installment!

  6. He is Sooo delicious.

    I LOVE Mansfield Park. It's my favorite story.

    Also, I think that new BBC Emma is my fav :D

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ha! I'd never seen that video before. Love it. I do enjoy a good historical setting and a well dressed man. :)

  8. Fairview that has to be the best 'Hot Guys in Doublets' comment ever!
    Did you try to hold his hand? I would have tried to hold his hand...

  9. Okay, I adore Fairview's story. Why doesn't this stuff ever happen to me?

    Also, I'm totally stealing HotChaCha from Emily :-)

  10. Had I known it was the cute guy on the screen, I totally would have attempted some sort of action - spilling popcorn or my soda on him, etc. Too bad I didn't know it was JLM until after the movie ended.

    He smelled nice, though. I think I remember that...

  11. Mmmmmmm yum.

    That's all I've got to say.

  12. I saw Mansfield Park a month or so ago, and loved it! I'll have to look up that version of Emma.

    Methinks you should do one on North and South. Ah, there's another leading man for you!

  13. You forgot Johnny Lee Miller as our favorite Romantic poet, Lord Byron! Mad, bad, and dangerous to know, indeed.

  14. While this version of Mansfield Park isn't my favorite (they changed too many things for me to enjoy the film fully), I loved Johnny Lee Miller as Edmund. Edmund is one of my favorite characters in Austen, and he played him quite well. But yiiiikes, I did not make the Angelina Jolie connection till you pointed it out. I knew the name sounded familiar...

    I'm echoing Rebecca above: pleeeeease do a North and South post. I am hopelessly in love with John Thornton. :P

  15. I just watch Mansfield Park this week with my sister (who's never seen it *gasp*). He was the best part of that movie. I wanted to set Maria on fire with my mind.

  16. Good choice, once again. I love these posts :)

  17. Oh yeah, Lord Byron and Mr. Knightly. I wish men still dressed like that. Heck, I'd slip on a corset. :)

  18. Oh I had the hugest crush on him when that movie Hackers came out - such a good choice. You have impeccable tastes!

    Pabkins @ Mission to Read


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