Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hot Guy in Doublets: Mr.Churchill

And we're back
to the classic video, again.

How many of you have seen the 1996 A&E version of Emma?
At 1:07 and 2:16 of the video above.

The cast looking dreadfully bored. Almost like an awkward family photo.

But who wasn't taken with the sideways smilin' Frank Churchill?

He was so ding-dong charming.
(This in no way demeans the ever-hot Ewan McGregor)

That smile.

That hair.

But it didn't take too long
before I realized that
I probably was just in love with
Mr. Frank Churchill
because he reminded me
of someone else.

Any Guesses?

II don't think that we will be able to find a picture of Mark Paul Gosselaar in a doublet so we will have to happy with his British doppleganger.

Before you brush me off as a crazy who is in love with an old school, big cellphone carryin', Has-Been
have you seen this recent picture?

I know, I know.
He’s not wearing a doublet.
I digress.
But it was so worth it.

Editors blunder:
I was called out by The Former 786 that there is a period costume episode of Saved by the Bell. I knew that but hadn't been able to find a picture of it the first time I made this post and I liked the picture that I found so much better, that I went the funny (lazy) route. Because I know that my loyal readers turn to this blog for absolute factual journalism, I apologize. Will you accept this as my apology?


  1. You are so funny!! Have you been watching Franklin & Bash? MPG is lookin' mighty nice on that show. :) Those of us who loved him on Saved by the Bell can still appreciate the fact that he keeps us feeling young.

  2. So freaking funny! And hot. I didn't know that was possible. I leaned more towards the Slater team, but Zack was just so charmingly incorrigible he was hard to resist.

  3. Have I thanked you for this weekly dose of man candy yet? If not, thank you SO MUCH! Lol... *drools over last pic*

  4. Oh My Gosh, Shelly! I thought this EXACT thing when I saw the video the first time!!! In fact I paused it just to make sure I wasn't crazy. Thanks for being my second witness :)

  5. He does look like Mark-Paul! MPG is so gorgeous. Have you seen him in Franklin and Bash? Rowr!

  6. I had the biggest crush on him, and yeah, the pic is sexy. I'm diggin' the plain white t. Oooh baby.

  7. It's the outfit that makes the man. :)

  8. Yes! Let's all admit how much we love Zach in saved by the bell. I think he was my first crush, and he's still hot. Have you seen North and South? You should pick the guy from that next time :)

  9. Oh, Zach. How I loved him. He's still pretty hot.
    And that picture is pretty sexy if I do say so myself. Love the white shirt and the brooding look. ;)

  10. Don't forget, there IS an episode of Saved by the Bell when Zack dresses up in Shakespearean garb to impress Kelly. It's the one where the girls are in love with the substitute teacher.

  11. My goodness, they look very similar.I think I like the grown up Mark better though :-)

  12. The Former 786- Of course I remember that episode (I mentioned it in my romance post on Sunday) and I searched for an image for it. When I couldn't find an image I thought that was my only hope of MPG in a doublet...

    but I WAS WRONG. I redoubled my efforts and will include a picture of Zach in period garb and tights (no doublet though)

  13. Haha, I haven't seen this version of Emma, but you are right: he DOES look like Mark-Paul! He was always a cutie pie, but these days... wow. I watch Franklin and Bash just for him. :p

  14. Yes but Mister Darcy kicks his butt, I am sure you agree. Lovely post :)>

  15. Awww I miss Saved by the Bell, lol.

    Too fun :D

  16. you are a nut!
    thanks for the cute pics and commemtary =)

  17. Well... I feel that it's my duty to inform you that Mark-Paul is newly single but comes with two kids from a his previous marriage.

    First come, first serve ladies!

    I was more of a Slater girl, so he's all yours my sweets! LOL

  18. Oh my that is a creepy spot on resemblance. Do any of you often wonder if you have a doppelganger running around out there in the world somewhere!!??

  19. LOL, I love this series!

    And yeah, Mark-Paul still looks good. :)

  20. Ha! That wasn't even the episode I was thinking of! That's the one where Zack and Kelly break up (so sad!!!), so it looks like Mark-Paul has been dressed in Shakespearean garb a couple of times. Well done, Shelly Brown!

  21. I know. The kids were younger in the Substitute Teacher Episode but I couldn't find a picture of that. The Break-up Episode was the best I could find. I think I actually cried during this episode the first time I watched it. Poor Zach was so crushed :(


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