Sunday, August 14, 2011

A bit of a ladies post

So I ran across this YouTube video and never saw so much eye-candy in my life.

Just watch!

Yep, that was SO worth your 3 minutes, huh? Watch it again if you'd like. It's worth 6 minutes as well :)

Did you see Christian Bale (Little Women) in there.
Actually now that I think about it, Little Women is a lot like my feeling on Christian Bale in general. Way hot, can't see him smile without blushing, at the beginning...kinda icky, too bad, at the end.

But enough about Christian (as if) let me tell you a little bit about some of those other men.

Who spotted Mr.Fantastic in there?
Yeah, Ioan Gruffudd (I have NO idea how to pronounce that- anyone want to help me out?)

who plays Mr.Fantastic in the Fantastic Four movies
played Horatio Hornblower (an unfortunate name)
in the award-winning series named...well...
Horatio Hornblower.

I cannot speak well enough about the series.
It is beautifully done.

This is the first part of the first episode, to whet your appetite
And can I just say that I have the hugest crush on Horatio Hornblower?
Not Ioan Gruffudd (sorry Mr. Gruffudd)
but Horatio Hornblower.

I am totally and completely in love 
with his sense of honor.
Is this something to be in love with?
Dunno? But I am!
He embodies the Victorian 'worthy/estimable gentleman' in every way
He's not perfect 
but he holds himself to such a high standard.
I don't know what he would ever do with me, though.

Horatio Hornblower makes honor so sexy.

So men,
 (if any of you actually read any of this)
high standards+honor=sexy

Actually, I think I'm going to take my time with this.

No more men for today.

Instead I'll just pop one of these post up from time to time. I'll call it my Men from Period Drama Films series...that sounds lame. I'm going to call it Hot Guys in Doublets. Yummy from the Past? Oh, these won't do it justice. I'll come up with something spectacular. Wait for it!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed that video. Thoroughly. Looking forward to your next installment.

  2. My Other Half is a Napoleonic-naval-era buff (it's part of the whole wargamer thing) and he was itching to watch the whole Horatio Hornblower series.

    At first I was saying oh, all right, I guess I can get some knitting done if nothing else.

    Yeah, my tune changed a bit after a couple episodes. ;)

  3. I have that song on my ipod - now I have a visual to go with it - thanks!!

  4. I will totally be here for every installment of Hot Guys in Doublets.

  5. Nice choices!!
    Oh, Ioan is pronounced "Yo" "Anne" and Gruffudd is "Gr" "if" "ith" with the tongue pressing the teeth a bit too hard for the "th" so it comes out more velvety sounding...

    Hope that helps :)
    Laura x

  6. Read the 500-followers announcement at the top. So strange to think that not everyone knows what you look like. I feel dang special right now. :)

    Hot Dudes in Doublets? Debonair in Doublets? Fun series, no matter what you call it. :)

  7. That vid was fantabulous :D And now I will totally check out Horatio of the unfortunate name.

  8. how bout hot historic heroes?
    where have they all gone, anyway?

  9. That video was freaktastic! I LOVE Horatio Hornblower. Have you read any of the books? I read them all after watching the first of the miniseries. Did you notice Ioan in Titanic? And Sharpe! Make it Sean Bean as Sharpe, and it's even better. I've read many of those books, too.

  10. HOT. I could watch this once a day. It's like a daily vitamin of gorgeousness.

  11. If you want a great period movie try North and South (not the civil war North and South) the BBC movie version of Elizabeth Gaskell's book. AMAZING!!! There aren't enough exclamation points to convey how great this movie is.

    Thanks for the droll worthy video :)

  12. Pronounced John Griffith - LOVE Horatio - watched them all . . . maybe more than once.
    My husband searched FOREVER to figure out how his name was pronounced. He's Welsh, and apparently that's how you spell John in . . . Welsh.

  13. Today at church we sang For The Beauty of the Earth. I love that song & a lot of it has to do with the face Laurie (Christian Bale) makes to Jo. You know what face I am talking about.

  14. Can't watch the vid now, though I'm dying to, but I love this feature idea. Who doesn't love some hot mens in period pieces. :)

  15. Gosh, as a dude I love all these actors, esp. the Hornblower series:) And I don't think I'm alone in that. Anyhow, cool blog:)

  16. Sweet! Definitely worth a second watch . . . may have to make my husband dress up sometime . . . but the only period costume he's been willing to don has been a kilt for his best friend's wedding - and he was shown how to wear one properly by the retired Scottish "General" bagpiper who played in Inverness. Sorry . . . reminiscing instead of commenting. Seriously enjoyed the video.

  17. lol. that vid was great. and could your font BE any bigger?

  18. Mmm... Now THAT is some eye candy. Lol! Thank you. :)

    Jenni James

  19. That was so worth my three minutes. In fact, it makes me happy to think that when I die and my life flashes before my eyes, I get to see it all over again. (Why wait though? I can watch it again right now.) My only complaint--no Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian. Because, you know--Ben Barnes. In fact Edward was kind of hot in that movie too. Wow, now I feel like such a cougar.

    Janette Rallison (because for some reason google won't let me post from my account)


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