Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Thank You, To You

Our Maddie came home Sunday night (yay!)
and despite the overwhelming responsibility of keeping her daily journal
administering her small pharmacy
and just keeping her comfortable
I needed to take a minute to say thanks.

There is always so much in life to be grateful for. 
Sometimes life has some stinky parts (come on, we're writers, we throw people under the bus for fun) and where sometimes I cry when I miss garbage day (don't judge me!) 
right now in the middle of a tornado I'm calm. 

Right now I am buoyed by all of you 
and, although I should be wallowing in the drama of the situation, 
for reasons that can't be explained by science I'm managing (and sometimes I'm even smiling.) 

Things could be worse. 

Things could be far worse.

I'm tired. I have meds to give all night.
My daughter is left with chronic problems from the surgery.
I still have four young sons to care for.
Did I mention I'm tired?


Between neighbors, friends, and family I am cared for.

And I know all of this assistance will wean away, as it should, but the power of their support is amazing.

Speaking of amazing, I wanted to speak of YOUR support.

Maddie received over 400 mustache pictures. Each of them lifted her spirits and she looks at them time and again to get a good chuckle in. 
Surgery, hospitals, diabetes, etc is a lot of serious stuff for a 9yo but I believe that because of the Mustaches for Maddie pictures she has dealt with what life is throwing her way with a smile (depending on the pain, sometimes it's a grimace ;) ) 
Big thank you to my cousin Jenny for noticing that mustaches made Maddie happy and starting the whole thing to make two very nervous parents sitting in a surgical waiting room smile.

Then with Chad's book launch.

Holy Toledo, people!

The blogging/tweeting/facebooking support of this community was incredible.

Here are the links to the blogs that I caught
(please let me know in the comments if I missed any!)
The entire Lucky 13s

Wow, huh?
This wasn't a solicited blog tour. 
This was people helping out on their own. Responding to their own feelings. 
Just flat out being nice.

But I can't forget to send a special thank you to Peggy Eddleman.

We have been friends with Peggy for a while now and she is a fabulous friend to have. 
I'm sure many of you know her blog as one of the most helpful, most consistent writing blogs out there. Well that's just Peggy's personality. She has a heart of gold and can memorize a string of 50 numbers in 5 minutes (true story!) 
With Peggy in our corner we know we can't fail.

So a heartfelt thank you to everyone.

And I mean everyone.


  1. Awww, Maddie so beautiful! This whole post is making me cry like I just missed the garbage man! ;) We all love you Shelly (and Chad)! I wish I could come up and take you to see a movie or paint your nails...I'll send Peggy or Erin! :)

  2. I am so glad Maddie is home, my very best to you all. I put a mustache pic up on my blog last week.

  3. I can already name several people not up on that list that helped out, and I don't think you'll ever figure out how many really did. I'm so impressed with the writer community for coming together and am super duper glad Maddie is home. Best wishes!

  4. You are most welcome. We're glad Maddie is home and wish her all the best in her recovery. And yours, and all in the Morris Crew. Seriously, we've got your back. :)

  5. I'm so happy to hear that Maddie is home! Still sending get-well wishes Maddie's way! And like David P. King said, we've got your back. Awesome post, Shelly! :)

  6. Just so glad your Maddie is home. We have a Maddi too, so the name is near and dear to my heart. Still praying for a complete recovery that will give you reason to brag on God.

  7. I'm glad you are all doing better. At this point tired is not a bad place to be :) Our prayers are with you!

  8. We're so glad things are looking up for Maddie and glad for anything we could do to ease things for you guys and her. *hugs*

  9. I'm glad she's home!

    You guys are an inspiration in every thing you do. You amaze me. (And you're so dang sweet!)


    I hope everything goes really really well as Maddie continues recovering! And that you get to sleep. Or that you start miraculously stop needing sleep. Whichever works.

  10. Hi Chad and Shelley - that's so wonderful she's home ... it will be easier (it will be difficult) - but you're in your own place, she will be in her own bed ..

    I heard about your book and news via Peggy - so yes she deserves that lead off ....

    Your book is winging its way over the pond or from some Amazonian hole that none of us understand ... I am so looking forward to reading it and then sharing it with others ...

    All the very best to you all ... and those 4 sons too ... Good Luck in the coming days, weeks and months ... cheers and hugs Hilary

  11. I'm so glad to hear she's home! I've been thinking of your family and praying for your sweet daughter!

  12. I'm thrilled to hear Maddie's home. Will continue to pray for her and your family as you find a new normal after the operation. Thinking of you all!


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