Monday, November 26, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! AND it might be YOU!

I bet they WISH they won a chicken dinner! But alas we are not giving away food. 

Our TWO winners are
Sheila and Kevin!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are you like totally bummed that you didn't get a chance to read Cragbridge Hall before your precocious nephew? 

Well Chad has the heart of a million fire demons (that was a Howl's reference that was probably lost on most people so just chalk it up to Shelly is crazy) and he feels bad that he doesn't have enough ARCs to share. 
BUT he does have one spare ARC to share.
And he wants to share it with YOU!

So here's what he's thinking. 
A floater ARC. One that floats around this great USofA (for shipping reasons) and visits as many homes and kids (and big kids) as possible.

If you want a chance to read the 'floater' ARC you need to agree to: 

1. Have it for no more than 2 weeks (it's about 300 pages of Middle Grade goodness) 

2. Be willing to ship it Media Mail to the next person on the list (roughly $2-$3) 

Sound like fun? 

Email us at ShellyBrownWriter or ChadCMorris (both gmail) and let us know if you'd be interested


  1. Floater ARC- you clever people. Congratulations to the winners. (After Thanksgiving, a chicken dinner doesn't so appealing anyway...)

  2. Must.. win.. graciously.. *Graciousness failing.. Graciousness failed*.. WHOOT!! I won I won I won I won. Neener Neener Neener!


  3. Love the Howl's Movie Castle reference. I've read that book a billion times!

  4. OK, the precocious nephew is AWESOME! I want to play floating ARC! Thing is, I usually read these at night aloud w/my daughters, and we tend to take WAY longer than 2 wks... :P

    But I'll just get a copy for us. That's better, yes? <3

  5. Sweet! Congrats to the winners. I'll be part of the floater ARC too. You have my email :)

  6. lucky!!
    i will buy one, then we arent on a time limit!


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