Thursday, May 31, 2012


By Chad “painfully average intelligence” Morris

I think a lot of things are genius . . . like cookie dough ice cream, Hawaiian pizza, C.S. Lewis, electric guitars, and Brian Regan. For today’s blog post, you get random thoughts on genius.

Google the word “askew.” Genius. (Unless you are on an Ipad. Then it doesn’t work. Maybe Apple didn’t think it was funny.)

My son signed his mother’s day card with his name, followed by the phrase “future author.” Hopefully, he’s a genius.
I think is genius. If you’ve never cyberjumped over there, it is a great collection of blogs. Pick your topic and get reading. I found it very helpful while trying to write a query.

Speaker dead cover.jpg
Orson Scott Card is a writing genius. I just finished Speaker for the Dead. If you would like a fantastic example of how to write a very complex story, I completely recommend it. The man swims through complexity with ease. This book has at least 20 major characters, three different species, and covers a few generations (not to mention passing over 3,000 years). Yet, I could keep it all straight.

The Avengers Poster
I saw the Avengers about a week and a half ago. No, I did not dress up. And yes, it was genius—the most fun I’ve had at the movies in a long time. Who would have thought the Hulk would be so funny?

What do you think it genius?  


  1. I think I must just be a remedial blog reader because I have never been to, read an Orson Scott Card or watched Avengers! All things I will remedy very soon.

    The latest thing I consider genius might just be Stephen King's book On Writing. I am not a fan of his books and there are quite a few bleepity bleeps in his book, but the genius still shines through.

    1. I liked On Writing too . . . and yeah, he likes to throw around some cussing. I'd prefer it without, but overall, it was a helpful read.

  2. just a few--in no order of importance---ice-cream--indoor plumbing--electricity---target---diet coke---paved roads--james taylor---mia angelo---hot-dogs--sorry, i found this question so interesting, i could go on and on, but i will stop!

  3. Air conditioning. Boy was it hot today and I would have loved the genius of cool air blowing through the house.

  4. Chad, it doesn't have to be that painful to be of just average intelligence, does it? I mean, it seems like all those geniuses are pretty conflicted individuals :)
    Will check out inkpageant...

  5. I loved Speaker for the Dead but hated the next two books. All the other Ender books, I loved. *sigh* And when I say hate, you'd best capitalize them and make them scarlet red--that kind of hate. Right up there with Mockingjay.


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