Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Turn Again!

Yes, this is the way that I am.
Yes, Chad is a patient, patient man.
Yes, we'll get to the post soon...

The fun fantasy/historical writer Cat from Katarina Gerlach asked me some questions and I answered them WAY too late at night to be serious. Enjoy!

1. How many books have you read (roughly)?

I'm actually really gentle with my books, so maybe all of the books I read while cutting teeth. Since I couldn't read while I was cutting teeth I guess I would have to say none. I have read, roughly, no books.

Actually I have kept an accurate count since I was in the fifth grade (and most recently HERE) and I have read 4,396,218 books (give or take 16).

2. Do you think reading is important? Please explain your answer.

No, because I think that you can maneuver an iPhone without being able to read. I have seen many a 1-4yo do just that. NOW with that being said if you want to know the instructions to the game you're playing you either need to learn to read or beg a literate friend to help you. But as long as you are not above begging and playing with iPhone's all day, then you don't need to read.

Actually I have spent many, many hours teaching children to read. Both my own and other people's. Reading is powerful stuff. It opens door. Today, if you can read, you can do almost anything.

3. What are your favorite genres to read/write?

Oh, how I want to answer with this guy...

But I will give a good answer this time.
I love reading and writing sweet romance. I just think love makes this world go 'round. But I get just as excited about familial love or a deep friendship. These are all great topics. 
I read a lot of MG/YA. I also read a lot of random nonfiction. Religious, Self Help, Biographies, etc. 
Now I think I'm rambling. Maybe I don't have a good answer to this question. Please refer to the picture of John Ra above.

4. Do you like libraries?

For schizzles? Helloooo! They are my crack.

5. Do you remember your first book?

Of course. It's still taking up space on my hard drive, mocking my naive expectations, and stinking to high heaven.

Wait or did you mean the first book I READ? That would be Bears on Wheels.

6. If you were stranded on an island in the sun, which book would you like to have with you?

A very large one. I am about as fair as fair-skinned people get and I could use it for shade.

Or maybe something written by Jack London. That man's books always made me feel cold just reading about all that snow. Maybe I could pretend that my itchy sunburn was really frostbite.

7. What are your hobbies beside reading/writing?

I collect pez.

8. What's your favorite actor/actress?

That is tricky for me.

I respect people's abilities to perform the craft but Hollywood is so icky that I don't know what my actual feelings are for the actor/actress.

So as far as respecting their skills I would say, Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio are impressive actors. Amy Adams was adorable in Enchanted. Who doesn't think Kirby Heyborne would also fit in the adorable category? I have a number of personal friends who make a living acting and I would include them as some of my favorites.

9. What do you think about Independent Publishing (self pubed eBooks)?

Mixed feelings as well.
Yay- share your work. Don't let the gatekeepers tell you that you can or you can't
Nay- please edit your work and make sure it is ready to be read.

10. What would you do if there were no PC?

Everyone would be so rude to one another. I'm grateful for the 90's for introducing us to being PC.

Unless you meant the computer in which case I would be grateful that I own a Mac.

11. In which historical time would you want to be stuck?

I think I am stuck in the 1940's. I am obsessed with the music from that era. Give me Ella Fitzgerald, Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, Al Jolsten, Thelonius Monk, and Miles Davis any day.

That's it!
22 questions in 2 days.
Yes, I am truly truly truly outrageous!
And so are you. (Wanna be a Hologram?)
So here is my question to you, commenters: What was the first book you read?


  1. Pez? For reals? Shelly, I never know if you're pulling our leg! If it's true, then it's awesome. :)

    I can't remember the first book I ever read, but I want to say it was one of the Dick and Jane books.

    1. Pez, for reals. I've been collecting since I was a teenager. It's just for fun though, I always open and eat the candy. It's for the joy of color and characters and candy.

  2. Ahh, Shelly. You are made of sunshine and lollipops. LOVED this!

    1. *blushes* This is all I have ever wanted to hear. Two of my favorite things!

  3. Mine was probably some sort of Run! Spot! Run! kind of book, lol. Seriously fun post, you make me laugh all the time :)

  4. I hate talented, witty people. Consider yourself warned. Grrrrr...
    (my scary growl of talent and wit jealousy)
    First book, prolly 'Fat Fat Calico Cat', (Pre 90's PC days) but the first books I read that absolutely captivated me were Alfred Hitchcock's 3 investigators. My 3rd grade self would've killed to have a cool secret hideout in a junkyard like they did. Course, then I'd have been in Juvi for years so I couldn't have enjoyed it much.

    1. Self loathing like that is never good. Come to grips with your awesomeness, Kevin. I have and it's liberating ;)

      Fat, Fat Calico Cat sounds like a fabulous read. Gonna have to pick me up one of these

      I liked the Encyclopedia Brown books but I think if I had been introduced to Alfred Hitchcock books I would have dug those as well. I did watch Alfred Hitchcock films in 3rd grade. My parents figured dive-bombing birds and being scared of heights weren't plots they needed to shelter their children from.

      Glad you're not in Juvi...especially since you're so old.

  5. Heck, not only do you not need to know how to read you don't even need to know language. I can send you a text with mock words and emoticons. LOL! TTYL :) I look forward to the day that we communicate with grunts like cave men. It would save so much time!

    Loved this. You are too funny!

    1. LOL! UR2 right! W-Ev!

      Butterfly balls does sound wonderful. Is it about a swarming or a dance?

  6. Oh and my first book? I still remember it--The Butterfly Ball. It is just as magical as it sounds!

  7. I have somehow convinced my daughters that Pez is of the devil!!!

    1. Oh my goodness that is so funny! Everyone should have to read that story. Parenting at it's finest.

  8. So cool you have kept track of how many books you have read. I wish I knew.

  9. lol! :D I thought you were going to go with Police Constable rather than PC; but that works for me too. :)

    What great answers -loved them immensely. :) If you are game for more...

    *sneaks up from behind the pc screen* "TAAAGGGG" *runs off squeaking* ;)

    You are officially 'it' here are your choices: a) Accept it graciously b) Ignore it -well, I can't stop you c) Make a sound so I know you've taken the blow and are chasing others out there and d) Pass the tag on -and nope, I'm not accepting the tag again, find someone new. :P

    Should you take on the tag, here's where to source out the questions you need to answer on yikici' post Savvy Salutations' to...ermm...the Tagged Person.

  10. LOL! Oh my goodness - you never fail to crack me up! Love your answers!


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