Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

It's the holiday season over here in Writing with Shelly and Chad Land (it's a lot like CandyLand- I'm Queen Frostine and Chad is that yucky black licorice guy)

We'll be taking the rest of the year off (the WHOLE week- wish we could do that with our normal jobs!)
and see you again in January!

We wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas!
with a tutorial on Christmas Crackers (or at least hear a silly Christmas Cracker story) HERE
and a Secret Christmas Interview HERE

We wanted to wish you a Happy Hanukkah!
with a picture of sufganiyots and very good looking people. HERE

And we wanted to wish you a druidy Winter Solstice!
With a very funny post about the history of Mistletoe HERE

And if anyone wants to share a good Kwanzaa story please throw it into the comments for everyone's amusement and edification. 



  1. Have a wonderful and peaceful break, both of you :-)

  2. Happy holidays to you two, as well! :-D

  3. Sad. I didn't read this until the break was over. Now I want to go back on break. :(


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