Saturday, November 5, 2011

Welcome to Writing with Shelly and Chad


What happened to


Well, Shelly liked blogging too much and her writing was suffering so she went in quest of a partner. Fortunately, the partner that she chose *cough*cough*like-I'd-tell-you-the-real-number* of years ago was willing to rise to the occasion.

Fortunately for everyone this guy can write.

Better than I can.

And that is the last time you will ever see me say that.

Introducing: Chad Morris

Chad actually writes for a living.
He's a pseudo-theologian ;)

Chad writes sketches for our comedy troupe.
SOMETIMES he actually gets paid to do that, too,
but we don't hold our breath.

In his spare time he writes Middle Grade Fiction.


You'll get Shelly (Hot Guys in Doublets, Shelly's Therapy Hour, etc.)
Tuesdays and Fridays

and Chad (whatever the heck this guy writes about...which will not involve doublets, or hot guys.)
Mondays and Thursdays

It'll be FUN-tastic!!!


  1. should be exciting!
    how bout a he said/ she said day? =)

  2. Middle-grade fiction? As Chad's presumptive literary agent, I take offense to this characterization of my clients work. (Chad, I'll send you the bill next week)

  3. What if he doesn't look as good???! We'll be good ;D

  4. Yay! Let me be the first to tell tales. Shelly and I go WAAAY back, but I didn't meet Chad until Storymakers 2011, which he attended with Shelly... not that you could tell, since they were NEVER TOGETHER. Didn't even sit by each other at meals. I figured out Chad was married to Shelly when I sat next to him for one of the meals.

    Divide and conquer or trouble in paradise? Hmmmm....

    You guys rock. I'm looking forward to the combo--and can I suggest a once-weekly post where you collaborate? Some back-and-forth conversation? Pleeeeese?

  5. Sarah & Chantele- Thanks :)

    Tara & Robin- We have talked about doing some fun things like'll just have to see what we've got cooking (I'm warning you, it's probably ramen)

    dastew- I said Middle Grade Fiction, not Mid-grade fiction. LOL!

    Willy- So true, so true. ;) But he's pretty funny. I will forgive a lot if you can make me laugh.

    Robin- The divide and conquer was my idea. The irony was that he came back with WAY more contacts than I did. LOL!

  6. Aw, fun! I blogged with my twin sister this summer. It was a blast. Too bad she got busy with moving, and the blog went back to just me. (Or in other words: radio silence.)

  7. Can't wait. What a fun thing to do. Love your header picture.

  8. Yay! What a fun new blog. Nice to meet you Chad. I think we're going to get along just fine.

  9. Such a great idea! And I'm completely envious ... my husband doesn't even read my blog :)

  10. Yay, how fun! Can't wait to see more from Shelly-- and to meet Chad!

  11. Your husband? That is too fun :) How does he feel about hot guys in doublets? This sounds so fun. Cute pictures :)

  12. Huh, as far as I'm concerned, middle school was fiction. I have to keep an eye on you two!

  13. I'll miss Writing with Shelly, but Writing with Shelly and Chad looks cool! I'm looking forward to reading both kinds of posts!!!


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