Thursday, October 27, 2011

Killer Characters: Protagonist

So I have tried to stay faithful to the idea of killer in the blogfest title both in the idea that they are totally amazing characters and that they kill people.

The protagonist category seemed like such a hard one.

I almost thought I wouldn't come up with one.

I wanted a protag that was a good protag, not like the main character in a horror film. 
Someone that embodies what I think a protagonist should be.
Like, 'I wish I was as cool as the protagonist.'
And I don't really think killer are all that cool.
I was beginning to think this was hopeless when I thought of her.

This, my friends, is my killer protagonist

'Nuff said.

Thanks Deanna and Emily for the totally fun...


  1. Oh yes, she ticks all the boxes :-)

  2. I am confused. Indeed who is she? By the way, hi Shelly and thanks for visiting my blog. Re about Rachel's challenge, were you a participant and a judge? Or just a judge? Well "just a judge" would be incorrect of me to say as I'm sure it must take quite some of your time to go through the selection of stories and you're very generous to do so. I'm not much aware of how the pre-selection works but I'll trust the judgements of the judges. And also I'm delighted to be pre-selected. I was hoping to read your challenge but couldn't find it on your blog.

  3. So great! Katniss is an excellent choice. I just loved reading about her kicking butt. Who's more badass than her? Thanks for participating!

  4. Katniss definitely kicks booty!


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