Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Spark: The Other Author

I told you on Monday that my husband is 'the author' and I'm sure that it looks suspicious that today's post reads "The Other Author."
Especially when you learn that HE is a friend of mine from college

But rest assured there is nothing to worry about.

My friend is a happy guy
with great writing skills.

We were in the same sketch comedy troupe
and he was one of our most prolific writers.

When he graduated he told us that he wanted to become a

He was going to take a year or two
and write full-time.
His wife was completely supportive of this plan
(He found himself a keeper!)

I wish that this story went...
and then he sold his book for millions of dollars!
But alas, no.

He wrote
got interest
but no contracts

Nobody seemed interested enough in
The Other Side of the Hippo

At the end of his allotted time,
when his wife was expecting their first child,
he got a 

But the story doesn't stop there.

My friend is really talented,
very funny,
very imaginative,
and determined enough to make it happen.

And eventually he did.
After years of playing the game he wrote

this book

 a whole (New York Times Bestselling) series of them

and eventually he got to play around with 
The Other Side of the Hippo
until it became

and the sequel comes out

I don't even know how many times Brandon has made Bestsellers Lists.
We don't talk about that.
Usually we're laughing.

But he has inspired me.
So, thanks for the Spark

Hopefully his inspired you as well. See more Brandon at his website


  1. Brandon's story is definitely inspiring. The cover for part 2 of the Beyonders is beautiful!

    (Am in your MG/YA campaigner group and wanted to say hi. :))

  2. That's awesome! What a great spark Shelly! Have an fairy wonderful day!

  3. That is an amazing story! I kinda feel like you're a celebrity now!

  4. Great success story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    I'm a fellow campaigner and new follower stopping by to say hello!

  5. How cool! I have Fablehaven on my shelf and haven't read it yet... I'll get right to that! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. I really enjoy fablehaven! It's very neat that he inspired you!

  7. Awesome and inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I've meet Brandon and he is passionate about writing as well as kind. Also he shops at my Costco. There is something about seeing famous people buying milk and dog food that humanizes them :) Great post.

  9. Wow, that _is_ really inspiring.

    Hello from a fellow campaigner! Nice to meet you. :-)

  10. What a wonderful story. I love hearing this war stories of authors who made it. They are so inspiring.

  11. What an inspiring post! I love to read about authors (especially one's who don't give up and become quite successful) who didn't make it the first time or the second but kept trying. Thanks for sharing this story.

  12. How fun! I love success stories because they also tend to be tales of perseverance.

  13. I will love Mr. Mull forever because his books were the ones that gave my son a love of reading.

    Cool story!

  14. You know the coolest people. I actually had to blink a few times when I finally scrolled down to the book cover. Well played. :) Maybe someday you can introduce me. :):)

  15. Very cool! I love Brandon's imagination. The covers of his books are pretty neat, too!

  16. You seriously know the coolest people! I loved the Fablehaven series. And I'm itching to get my hands on the Beyonders. I've heard it's great.

    What an awesome story. It just goes to show that if you keep trying, your dreams will come true. Thanks for sharing! :D By the way, that is a very large hippo... :)

  17. Funny post and great pics! Intriguing blog:)

  18. Wow, very cool that you're close to so many writerly types. Your friend is a shining example of the "never give up" attitude all authors need to have if they really want to make it!

  19. Hmmm . . . I don't know the "other author," but I do know "the author." I think he's pretty cool. Wonder why he doesn't have a blog . . .

  20. What an amazing story, and so inspiring! Definitely have heard of those books. ;)

  21. *screams* AH! You KNOW Brandon Mull? WOWZA! That is so awesome! I love his books. I repeat LOVE them. Fablehaven was an instant favorite and I cannot wait for the next book in the BEYONDERS to come out. They are wonderful. That is a great story. Glad you shared.

  22. That is so cool!
    And inspiring too.

  23. That is SO great! Sometimes it takes awhile, but you know what? It's worth it. :) Very inspiring story!

  24. I liked Brandon Mull's books when I read them. Then I met him at a book signing and decided I really like him. He was so nice to my son. It was like 9:30 at night, he'd been signing books for hours, and he still took time to talk to him.

    By the way, hello from a fellow Utah campaigner! At least, I'm assuming you're a Utah denizen since you know Brandon Mull....

  25. Those books look beautiful. Isn't it wonderful when a friend's dreams finally come true?

  26. An inspiring story - love it! And I truly ADORE that hippo picture. Following you back and looking forward to more of your posts. Happy campaigning!

  27. Ok, I'm impressed you personally know Brandon Mull. And what an inspiring story!

  28. Ah! I love those books! What an inspiring story of determination, I'm so glad you posted it.

  29. Hi, what an inspiring blog post. That just goes to show you have to keep on trying. On and on and on.

    I'm in your MG/YA campaign group - hello!

  30. This gave me all kinds of goosebumps! What an awesome story!!!

  31. That's so awesome that you know him! And are able to share his story. :) My family and I are huge fans of his. Yet another wonderful post in your spark series!

  32. Cool :D
    I met him when he was in Wasilla, AK last spring.
    Very cool:D

    My friends here tease me that I'm about to become a celebrity because I have a book coming out.

    I laugh. They have NO idea how many people write books, lol. I'm also warped because I'm online with people who write books and all my free moments are spent in bookstores where the work of THOUSANDS of writers are on display.

  33. That. Is cool. ^^

    Good for him. :)

    *remembers seeing one of those books in her school library*

    I might have to take a closer look at that now. XD

  34. That's an awesome story! I got all excited when I realized I recognized those books. He's a great author.

  35. I actually gasped and squealed out loud when I read this. What an amazing example to have as a friend! Man, this gets ME pumped! Hot DOG!

  36. Brandon is an inspiration to me, too. I only wish I could be as dedicated and talented as he is. One day, Brandon. . .one day.

  37. No way!! That is awesome! I've been meaning to read those books for a while, but haven never gotten around to it. Well, you just strengthened my resolve. Big time.


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