Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Story Chain

This is a Story Chain created by Deanna. Go to her page to follow the whole story or none of this will make any sense. (Actually, I'm not sure that any of this does make any sense either way)

Meghan's story before me....

The title read, Wish Granter and her seven year old mind was smitten. She could think of millions of wishes that she wanted granted, the first of which was spending money, so she opened it. And that’s when she first saw him.
He jumped out of the pages the moment she whispered the first gibberish line of the book.
“Sumi Toggle, Moomy Boogle.”
He was tall and looked completely solid. Even a seven year old could tell he was very good looking--black hair, brown eyes, strong. If she was to guess his age, he was old, maybe thirty. And knowing nearly nothing about other dimensions, she was sure he was a zombie…or a vampire. Because who just jumps out of books?

Now, though, she knows he is a Space Leaper, at least that is what Roddern calls himself, and really isn't much older than her sixteen year old self, though the Grandoolex age much slower. 

Space Leapers are tied to objects in the other dimensions, and Dio's object just happened to be the Wish Granter book. Sneaky Grandoolexians. Roddern wasn't technically a wish granter but he had powers to make amazing things happen.

“Looky, looky! It’s my-o Dio,” he said that fateful pickle morning.
“I’m not yours,” Dio said, “I have come with a wish.”
“Don’t you always?” Roddern said brushing aside his thick hair, “What erratic desire can I help you with today?”
“Don’t talk to me like that! My wishes are usually well thought out.”
“Alright, what is it that you want, Dio.”
“I’m thinking about changing my name.”
“Come on, just do it.”
“To what?”
“Ummmm, I hadn’t thought that far. Any suggestions?”
His eyes twinkled when he laughed. “Something from my world or yours?”

To continue on Catherine's blog.....


  1. Ooo, I like this part!! And I like Roddern ;)

  2. new character and a bit of sci-fi?

  3. Loving the sci-fi and the man:)

  4. Love it! Gorgeous guys are always a welcome addition :)

  5. This is great! Though is she seven or sixteen?

  6. I am instantly smitted with Roddern. Fantastic ^_^

  7. Awesome! Love the dialogue with Roddern. I wonder if the story will gravitate back to sci-fi, can't wait to find out. Sorry I missed yours earlier.

  8. Wow, I love this idea...and this new character!

  9. Love Roddern, what a fantastic character to add to the story. Wish you had included your goals though.

  10. Sorry Siv. You can see everyone's assignments on the link to Deanna's blog but here is mine:

    Introduce us to a love interest.
    Your words are: erratic, boggle, zombie

  11. Thanks for all the lovely details--made it easier to write the start of the climax when I could come to just your blog for all the juicy deets. :)

  12. I love Roddern, he is a great addition.

  13. My favorite part about this was the 'space leapers' -- what an interesting idea! This post is great! You took what was written, gave it your own spin and ultimately improved it -- which should be all of our goals for this story!

  14. Love the intro of Roddern and the Space Leapers.


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