Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest Day 4


Write a poem.
Post it on your blog.
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Bam! You're part of the party!

Need some inspiration? Click HERE and HERE

Don't forget to come back tomorrow and read all of the great poems.
And on Monday the top 4 poems will be posted and you can vote for your favorite :)

Another one of my poems:

Welcome to Freak Show Café
This diner’s open every day.
We offer quite a splendid feast.
The help’s unique, to say the least
The head chef’s Bert the Dog Faced Boy
The maitre’d is Long Necked Roy
The midgets bust the tables best
And serving’s where we put the rest

If you’ve a hankerin' for something cheesy
And Bearded Sally doesn’t make you queasy
Or if you want Frog Man’s parfait
Then come down to Freak Show Café
This diner’s open every day.



  1. There are some great poems being posted.

    I've posted another here, as it's kind of a companion-piece to my first poem.

  2. I LOVE your Freak Show Cafe' poem!! LOVE it!!! :-]

  3. Been enjoying the fest so far. :) Great addition you made.

  4. I enjoyed your very creative Freak Show Cafe' poem! The blogfest is quite a success! Thanks again for hosting! Julie

  5. Just finished my reading up to #74. Congrats everyone on an excellent fest. I have been thoroughly entertained, touched, and amused.

  6. Very fun poem!!! Love the line about Bearded Sally.
    Thanks for the awesome blogfest!

  7. "Bert the Dog Faced Boy" -- Awesome!

  8. Ooh, makes me feel like I'm at a carnival cafe with all the colorful characters of a carnival traveling from town to town. I'd love to go there - I'd soak in the people and their personalities and quirks - that would be the REAL feast! Thanks for the transport into your fantastically eccentric cafe!

  9. This has such a reminiscent feel to it. Like the carnivals at Coney Island or something. Very nice.

  10. As usual I was almost too late. I've arrived here via Empty Nest Insider. All I've got to do now is write my poem. Errmm...


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