Friday, June 3, 2011

My Goal

Inspired by this lady and this lady
I'm putting a simple goal out there for all to see

I need to focus my energies

Everyday in the month of June I will spend....

1 hour rewritting my WIP
1 hour studying the craft
1 hour reading
1 hour blogging/tweeting/Facebooking

I am allowed to spend more time on WIP but not on others (unless the book is really good :)

Starting today...


  1. Hope you keep up with them all month! Good luck!

  2. You definitely need more reading time allowance. :) And what if the blogs you're reading are about the craft? Do you get 1 hr or 2? :)

  3. Great to see your goals! I am a big believer that reading makes us better writers.

  4. Robin, I am helping my husband tour guide and so a lot of my reading is historical nonfiction/research right now. That doesn't count. My hour is for fiction fun. And if it's not encroaching on family time, I'll sneak in some more time :)

    I can count 'craft blog posts' as craft time :) So a possibility of 2 hours time on blogs but then *finger across neck with gross sound effect*

    But that's four hours a day of ME time. That's plenty of time with five young kids and a husband to raise. (Good thing I don't clean my house or I would have NO TIME AT ALL!)

  5. I love how you divided the time for getting a bit of everything done. Welcome to the JuNo party!

  6. Thanks and thanks for the idea! I just needed you to figuratively give me a swift kick in the pants.

  7. Shelly - you impress me! Just setting goals is something of an accomplishment :)
    By the way, what WIP are you working on? I am making a goal to get you back my comments on The Snapdragons by the end of this week :)

  8. Those are some good goals... I need something similar... except I like to reward myself with pie whenever I do the littlest thing. I hope your month goes really well for ya. =)

  9. Kim, this one is a MG Cinderella story. No rush on Snapdragons, I leave for a week on Monday morning. And since I'm gone it will be a bit on Full Circle.

    Oh Suzanne, I reward myself with treats, daily. Because I do such a good job ;)

  10. I'm amazed that you're making four hours with five small children! Good for you and good luck this month!


  11. I need to get me some goals in place too! Thanks so much for putting a link to my blog over there!-->
    You're such a little darling :)

  12. hello Shelly,

    dropped in as part of Sarah's bloghop. I set myself goals too, but usually lose my way sometime in week 2. Hope you have better luck than me. anyway, hi.

    Moody Writing

  13. Love dividing up the goals into manageable time segments. Very nice.

  14. Wow! Good luck on reaching your goals. I would have such a hard time keeping social media to an hour per day. Once I start, I have trouble stopping.

  15. Awesome goals! I especially love your goal to study the craft for an hour. That's something I need to work on. Good luck!

  16. LOL.

    Nobody has mentioned that this post about goals came right after a post lauding procrastination.

    Welcome to my dichotic mind!


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