Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Baa-ack!

I just got back from a fabulous vacation! And nothing says 'fabulous vacation' like a stop by the college where Mark Twain's wife graduated. Obscure? Perhaps but fun!
For me, the highlight of the college tour was seeing Mark Twain's private writing cottage. I drooled. Seriously, wiping my mouth with the length of my arm.
The funny thing is that I wasn't drooling for me (though who wouldn't want one of these?) I can't imagine being able to write all by myself. Who is keeping the kids from hurting each other if I am shelled away in a little hermitage?
I was drooling for my husband. He doesn't ask for much. He requires little upkeep. He is happy with simple hand-me-downs. But if I build him one of these I wouldn't have to get him anything for his birthday for the rest of his life.
Now to come up with the thousands of dollars.....better get back to writing (Bwaa-haaa-haaa!)

If you didn't notice I added a page to my blog. Books I've Read in 2011. I read (and reread) a strange collection of fiction and non-fiction books. I read a great deal more than this but I can't add it to my list unless I finish it (and I almost never read non-fiction, cover to cover, and I stop reading fiction when it gets boring or the library asks for it back.)
After perusing my list does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Have you read the Book Thief? It's a fun & different read. I have it if you want to borrow it.

  2. Kiss of a Stranger by Sara Eden
    13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

    These two books are the best ones I've read lately.

  3. Ah, so you'd build this for hubby and not for yourself? Or his pleasure would come from building it for you? I'd love a lovely solitary place like that. Right now I'm in my basement--and freezing!

  4. Home safe and sound! And believe nothing says vacation like obscure. That's the way to go!

    Your reading list really is varied. Have you heard of The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society? That is a great, fast read. I loved the history in it.

  5. Welcome back! I tagged you on my blog while you were gone. You probably missed it.

    I don't see any Patricia Briggs on your list. I just finished her most recent Mercy Thompson book and WOW. I'm thisclose to tying people to chairs to make them read her. Urban fantasy at its finest. It starts with Moon Called:

  6. Oh, I think I need one of those. So, so cute.

  7. Katie- I think I'll take you up on that.

    Ellie, Canda, and Donna- I know I wish we could build a him and her cottage but if we just have to pick one, he gets it. He is much more prolific than I am and I still need to wear the mom hat for a while.

    Angie- I love Sarah Eden. I'll probably pick up that one first :)

    Ruth- read Potato Peel Pie Society last year and loved it. Majored in history in college and WW2 pop culture was my focus. I think about that book a lot.

    Robin- You probably noticed that I never read urban fantasy but that doesn't mean I shouldn't. Patricia Briggs and Mercy Thompson, you say? Sounds good to me!
    And thanks for the heads up. I am only allowed 1 hour on social media and 1 hour on craft (goals) and didn't have enough time yesterday to go into previous posts. I'll respond here soon. Watch for for it...

  8. Well now I just feel selfish because I was drooling over that for no one but myself. ;) Beautiful!


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