Thursday, June 6, 2013

Every Small Bit Counts

We all know that

1000 words a day can eventually become a novel.

Running 20 minutes a day can drop 30 pounds

Brick by brick you build a house

And $5 from a giving community might help put a dent in a million dollar hospital bill.

Dave Wolverton (who was such a good sport on my couch in this funny interview- LINK) had a tragedy in his family when his son was in a longboarding accident. (His son Ben was treated in the same unit as our daughter since both had brain trauma) Now Dave is looking at over a million dollars in hospital bills and, unlike our own situation, he doesn't have the insurance to help.

But he has us.

The goal is to see how many of us can donate tomorrow
June 7th
spread the word

Learn more about the situation HERE

Donate Below

And the sweet Leigh Covington is sponsoring a rafflecopter where those who donate and spread the word can win a copy of Dave's book Million Dollar Outlines (based on his very successful class by the same name)

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  1. Nice post and great cause-- love the writer community-- still praying for your little one too.


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