Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rockin’ it After Surgery

by Chad Morris

People keep asking about my girl, Maddie, so I thought I should give you the update. It has been over a month since her neurosurgery and she is doing really well. She’s back in school  and mentally sharp. She rocked her latest report card (thanks to the teachers who worked with her on make-up work) and loves to crack jokes (She  really has some great timing). In fact, the night before April Fool’s, she and her older brother conspired to draw mustaches on their younger brothers while they slept.

She can see well and I think her peripheral vision is even improving a little. She has back all the movement she lost on her left side and is getting stronger.  She’s even back to breaking out in a few crazy dance moves every now and then.  Maddie is also getting used to the small pharmacy of meds she has to take. Such a trooper. And the docs approved her to go on a vacation!  

Shelly and I have noticed that she giggles more than before. What an awesome side effect! I don’t know if certain hormone levels have changed, or if she just wants a good reason to laugh after all she has been through, but she breaks out at the littlest things. To a mom and dad who love a little comedy, this is just plain awesome. We haven’t made her pee her pants yet, but perhaps we’ve gotten close.

On a related note,  I met Carolyn Swerdloff from Simon and Schuster when I helped out with Brandon Mull’s launch party. She had heard about Maddie and asked if she could send her some books. Of course I agreed. Well, we got a box this week full of awesomeness for the whole family. Maddie is devouring some Dork Diaries while the boys are snagged some Captain Awesome, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and even Bad Unicorn (It doesn’t come out until April 15). That was extremely nice! Thanks Carolyn and S&S! It reminded me of others of you that sent books for my kids! They love those as well. You are fantastic. 

We are still hoping her pituitary will kick back in, but all in all, Maddie is rockin’ it after surgery. Thanks again for all the support, help, and prayers.

I have also been asked a lot how my book is doing and how I like touring. Maybe I’ll tackle that one tomorrow.


  1. Yay! So glad everything is going well. You guys are so awesome. Giggles are the best side effect anyone can hope for :)

  2. Great to hear, thanks for the updates!!!

  3. This was my favorite post to read today! After all the prayers sent her way, what an uplifting delight to read she is back to almost all the things little girls should be pursuing and delighting in. Rejoicing.

  4. I love your children's sense of humor. This is so awesome. Some girls in YW would paint their father's fingernails if he fell asleep during general conference. He got his nails painted twice a year. lol

  5. So good to hear! And giggling really is probably the best side effect you could have hoped for. :)

  6. Hi Shelly and Chad - that is such good news about Maddie - I'm sure the interaction she'll get with her school mates will do that extra good too ---- and you can on holiday, which sounds fantastic.

    How kind everyone sending books ... I am so pleased for you - your book arrived and, yes I still need to settle to read .. perhaps after the A - Z ...

    Cheers and long may improvement continue - Hilary

  7. So glad everything's going well Shelly and Chad. Good news to hear!

  8. Glad she's getting better. I just finished your book. I had my husband get it for me for my birthday after having seen James Owen recommend it. It was very fun and inventive (for lack of a better word) and I really enjoyed it. My kids will be old enough to enjoy it in a few years, and I'm sure I'll have fun reading it with them then. Best of luck to you and your family.

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    1. CHAD and SHELLY,

      What a story I have just read, about your life events, After reading about Middies’ difficulties and progressing victory, my mind was immediately brought to a time over four years ago when Maddie made me laugh, you were recording a clip for a seminary assembly it started with her looking up chewing something and as she brought her face eye level with the camera she was giggling, (Probably the same infectious one you've been enjoying in abundance lately) and she said "I'm eating grass" I laughed so hard, I couldn’t stop.

      I know, I know nerdy seminary teacher remembering nerdy things, but I also thought of a statement I heard recently that I think depicts your whole family and the situation at hand,
      "God reserves his Biggest Trials, for his Strongest Soldiers"
      Maddie is one of those Soldiers.
      Sincerely, Your Friends (The Schroader)


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