Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some Pretty Cool Spam

This makes no sense


I should have let it go through for you all to enjoy but I left it in the spam folder. 

Anyone else get this beauty on their blog?


  1. I wish I got a cool spam comment like that! :)

  2. Oh my. I wonder if poor spambot even realizes how confused it sounds.

  3. Oh not that one, but I did have one that meandered about random subjects and then snuck big breasts into it all. The only thing it accomplished is making me feel inadequate danggit.

  4. Oooo and this just in:

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  5. What exactly were they trying to do with that spider...?

  6. No... I didn't get that one, but when I had wordpress I got spammed like non-stop.

  7. Shelly, this makes perfect sense:

    At first glance, you’d think the message is in the link “Old Stone Oven”, but that’s just a red herring trying to distract you from what you should notice-- the first line-- 17 syllables-- the number of syllables needed for a traditional haiku, but there’s no way to break it up into the traditional 5-7-5 pattern.

    The problem seems to be the first two words “carefully enable”. A quick Google search of those words, direct you to a facility rental website for De Anza Community College in... San Francisco. Silicon Valley is located in San Francisco and Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak graduated from De Anza.

    Down the rabbit hole we go...

    Steve Wozniak is a member of the Segway Polo team, the Silicon Valley Aftershocks. The winner of the 2012 Segway Polo Woz Cup, were the Balver Mammuts from Balve, Germany. Do you know what was invented in Germany? The Kachelofen-- a type of Masonry Heater. Do you know who loved the German Kachelofen masonry heater? Mark Twain:

    “Take the German stove, for instance … where can you find it outside of German countries? I am sure I have never seen it where German was not the language of the region. Yet it is by long odds the best stove and the most convenient and economical that has yet been invented...
    To the uninstructed stranger it promises nothing; but he will soon find that it is a masterly performer, for all that... [The] room one is as comfortable in one part of it as in another. Nothing is gained or lost by being near the stove. Its surface is not hot; you can put your hand on it anywhere and not get burnt... America could adopt this stove, but does America do it? The American wood stove, of whatsoever breed, it is a terror. ”

    (excerpt from ‘Europe and Elsewhere’ by Mark Twain)

    WHERE DOES THIS RABBIT HOLE END? Steve Wozniak is a known Freemason. This Spam email is spreading the message that Mark Twain is a Freemason.

  8. I haven't gotten that particular gem, no. Usually the spam makes a little bit of sense. Ah well. :)

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  10. They are pretty amazingly stupid these spammers. Like the one above this post.

    1. I was just noticing that. How funny that they escaped my spam filter (which is pretty good BTW) and ended up on this awesome post of all places. LOL!

  11. LOL - that is hilarious! I don't think I ever get spam like that. It's all boring stuff.


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