Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Candy, Parties, Trailers and Flying Kids!

by Chad Morris 
Yep! Candy Shop War 2 comes out today! 

Here’s the blurb:
In The Candy Shop War, friends Nate, Summer, Trevor, and Pigeon met the evil magcian Belinda White, whose magical confections enabled the kids to do incredible feats of strengh and magic. In the sequel, Nate and his friends meet Mrs. White's brother -- Mr. White -- who owns Arcadeland, a local amusement center.
 At Arcadeland, kids can play games and earn thousands of tickets, which are redeemable for one of four kinds of stamps -- jets, tanks, subs, and racecars. Could it be true that these stamps allow kids to fly through the air? Or breathe underwater? Or run faster than a car? But Mr. White is hiding a secret: when all four clubs are filled, he will be able to retrieve perhaps the most powerful talisman ever. For Nate and his friends, it will take more than candy to fight and win this war!

It is up there in my top 10 middle grade books! Yeah, it's that good. Brandon writes very well and has an incredible imagination. Shelly reviewed it here.

Here’s the trailer:

Oh, and if you’re in Utah check out the launch party this Friday:

Marshmallow War! Bring it! Here is the facebook event page.

Shadow Mountain always throws a good party. Want evidence? Here’s the recap of Tyler Whitesides’ launch.

‘nuff said.

Hope to see you there! 

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