Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How the Shoemaker and the Elves Should Have Ended

(This is part of the Fairy Tale Madness Blog Hop. Read other fun fairytale scenes HERE)


The Shoemaker decided he wanted to give the clothes to the naked elves himself and he hid himself behind the curtain until the elves had appeared. For a moment he was lost watching how skillful they were in their work until he remembered the small smocks and trousers he held in his hand. He took a deep breath and stepped out.

“Hello my friends!” He held the clothes out for them to see.

It only took seconds for the surprise to settle fully on the poor elves before they turned to stone. Unbeknownst to the Shoemaker elves can die of shock.

The Shoemaker tried to revive his dead guests but it was no use. He tried to dress the naked statues but it was also pointless. It is hard to dress stiff joints. He thought perhaps he could use them in his shop as decoration but his wife deemed them too indecent to display.

So the Shoemaker finally had to sell them to the museum that considered the nudity artistic. He was paid handsomely and was able to retire on the interest.

The moral of this story is sometimes life gives you dead stone naked elves but you just need to see beyond the lost profit to discover how to exploit your find.


  1. That, right there, is a life lesson to remember.

  2. Lol! Tragic and moral, not to mention funny :)

  3. Ah . . . hahahaha! Poor elves. :( Delightfully wicked tale. Clever.

  4. Wow! That is horrible. As in horribly funny. And here I thought I was twisted. ;)

  5. LOL! Tragedy or comedy? Bahahaha!
    This is absolutely brilliant! Poor elves. Lucky for the Shoemaker though.
    *still laughing*

  6. Aw, the poor little elves. At least he still made money off them :D

  7. That was awesomely funny! Love it! Retiring on the interest was great. Gonna have to follow you guys!
    A2Z Mommy and What’s In Between


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