Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teach & Talk: Kaylynn Johnsen

Guest Post: Today we have Kaylynn Johnsen who was willing to post a poem that she wrote even though she's never done anything like this before. So if you like what you read make sure and give her some love for being so brave!

Box Tops 4 Education or My Education in Parental Love
by Kaylynn Johnsen

When I was younger I wrote copious amounts of poetry. I still write; although I am much more selective about my subject matter.  This particular piece is a tribute to what I’d finally learned about life, love and a life spent loving your children. 

In honor of Mother’s Day and to mothers everywhere “It’s going to be good.”

Cans Without Labels

“Green beans, green beans, green beans,”
I’d sing in the kitchen
At the top of my lungs,
For no good reason.

I had every doll in the world,
But I carried the bread loaf
And those little cans of tomato paste;
You called me creative.

You loved me.

When I colored blue, green and yellow roses,
Instead of red,
I was brilliant, insightful.
You were my best critic.


I was fond of plaid and stripes,
Before it was in style.
I got my arm caught up in the
Gum ball machine, wasn’t I thrifty?

You loved me.

Too many times I said, “I hate you!”
When I meant to say, “I’m angry right now.”
Sometimes, I had to admit you were right.
I hated that too.


I loved overhearing you on the phone,
“My daughter this, my little girl that.”
I’d ask you to tell me about me,
When I was little.

You loved me.

Even when I knew everything,
You listened.
And when I told the same joke every day,
You laughed.


I cut all the labels off the cans for school and
Every dinner was a surprise,
You never knew what was inside,
You’d hold your breath and pray, “It’s going to be good.”

You loved me.

Did you say that about me?
“It’s going to be good.”
Did you hold your breath?
Did you pray?


I asked, “Would you love me if I looked like this?”
And disfigured my face.
You always said, “Yes.”
You always loved me.


“It’s going to be good.”


  1. Aww, that was incredibly sweet! Thanks for sharing that with us Kaylynn! And Shelly and Chad for being so cool to have her share it with us:)

  2. I love it! It's just what I needed to remember today. Thanks!

  3. This made me smile. Thanks for sharing it, Kaylynn, and for hosting as always, Shelly and Chad!

  4. I've already told you that I love this. I can totally see your mother in this poem. Such love and patience. :)

  5. Thank you for letting me share and for making it almost painless. KJ


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