Monday, April 30, 2012

Z- Zen Habits

by Shelly Brown

On of my favorite blogs on the internet is Zen Habits run by Leo Babauta.

It is simple and beautiful and encourages me to live a simple and beautiful life. It is an empowering blog and I am a grateful follower now for a couple of years. He (and guest experts) cover topics related to:

-Exercise/ Eat Right
-Take control of your life
-Meditation/ Living in the now
-Creating good habits
-Write/Blog (he has two other blogs that focus more on these)
-Even parenting

In fact I read one of his posts on parenting that I needed so badly that day and I encourage all those that deal with children to give it a once over, get a feeling for his writing, the style of the blog, and be uplifted by the message.

The Way of the Peaceful Parent by Leo Babauta


  1. Sounds like a great description for "chill out". Love it.

    Congrats on beating the challenge!

  2. i have really had fun reading your blogs--congrats on the finish line!

  3. Is this part of the reason why you're so awesome? It sounds wonderful. I'm off to check it out! Glad you shared this. Heaven knows I need it!

  4. So today's article brought a tear to my eye. He's good. He's real good.

  5. Well, that's super cool. Going to check it

  6. I tried to make an anagram (I am not good at this) for you. I came up with STEM C WED or STEW C MED, in either case the C doesn't fit, so, can we get rid of Creating good habits? KJ

    1. I'm all about getting rid of 'creating good habits' so that we can have some STEW MED. Mmmmmm


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