Monday, April 23, 2012

T- Thoreau

by Shelly Brown

Henry David Thoreau is one of my favorite thinkers of all time. Though I find Walden Pond to be a bit verbose I find it to be absolutely soul feeding at the same time. I will never look at things the same way as I did before I read Civil Disobedience.

The other day I was walking through a book store and there was a clock with this quote on it

I thought about how great it would be to see that quote (by Thoreau) every time I wondered what time it was. To read that several times a day. Would it change what I am doing with my time?

I always see Thoreau as a man who did just that. If he wanted to do something, he did it. He was considered an author, poet, philosopher, abolitionistnaturalisttax resisterdevelopment criticsurveyor, historian, and leading transcendentalist. He was whatever he wanted to be.

May we all go confidently in the direction of our dreams.


  1. Henry David Thoreau - a truly amazing fellow. :)

  2. he has some wonderful thoughts and feelings--one of the greats

  3. I do love that quote!
    Happy A-Zing!

  4. Nice selection. His quotes are some of my favorites.

  5. Beautiful quote!!! I love the idea of always going in the direction of my dreams.

  6. Maybe if I had that quote on my clock, it would remind me to stop wasting time and focus on doing the work to achieve my dreams! Thoreau was a master.

    I'm A-Z blog hopping. Nice to "meet" you!

    Coffee in the Garden
    In the Care of the Great Physician

  7. Wouldn't that quote make an excellent trail marker, especially in a place where the trail forked.



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