Saturday, April 7, 2012

G- Gale vs. Peeta (A completely uninformed and biased opinion)

By Chad Morris

G is for Gale, as in . . . Gale vs. Peeta.

So, this is the debate.

Now, I might not be a romantic, and I may not have actually read all of the Hunger Games books, but I’ve read the first book and watched the movie. And I’m not afraid to give my completely uninformed and biased opinion.


Peeta has a few things going for him. He’s sincere, giving, selfless, confident in front of a crowd, and he can launch a 100 lb. bag of flour over his head (which is always a bit hit with the ladies). Plus, he journeyed to the center of the earth and beat Zathura.  

He has a few strikes against him as well. First off, his name is Peeta and he makes bread. (Peeta bread. Ha! He must get really tired of that joke.) And he’s a little short. Katniss will need to have no problem being the taller one.


At first, I thought no way, Gale is a girl’s name.

Then I realized . . .

Gale is Thor’s little brother.(It's true)

He wins.

(Oh yeah, and he’s an extremely good guy, competent, loving . . . and I think Katniss really loves him.)


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  2. Mind BLOWN on the whole Gale-Thor thing. There's no question he would win in a fight now. But I think going to the center of the earth is worth a lot too. My vote is on Peeta! (I've kind of got a thing for short guys ;)

  3. You might want to read the third book before you vote for Gale.

    Personally, I was sold on Peeta all the way from the beginning. The third book merely solidified that.

  4. LOL--Love your in-depth analysis.

  5. I agree with Donna - third book tells you some major things on that! Peeta for me as well.

  6. lol. I would agree with this, until I read book 3. But on a hotness scale Gale wins, hands down.

  7. Hahaha! Okay, okay-- you convinced me!

    In the books: I'm pro-Peeta.
    In the movie: I'm pro-Gale.

    I'm equal opportunity like that.

  8. Peeta loves Katniss, I don't know why, and would do anything for her, even sacrificing his own life to ensure her survival. It is going to take Katniss about a decade of therapy before she can even come close to that kind of love (except her sister.)

    Nerd Kid 2 called the other day to ask if I was team Peeta or Gale? He is currently reading Mockingjay. I told him I was team Peeta shortly into book 1 and I have never wavered.

    Thor's little brother, although the kick-buttness is there I put more stock in LOVE. 'Cause I am a sucker for love. KJ


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