Friday, March 2, 2012

The Fabulous Jenni James and Northanger Alibi

So my loyal readers already know that I have a soft spot for Northanger Abby. 
I blogged about my love of Mr. Tilney and how if both Tilney and Darcy proposed to me (yes, these are the questions I ask myself) I would choose Mr. Tilney. 
It's a good post with lots of pictures of J.J. Feilds and the Sharp Dressed Man video CHECK IT OUT

But I digress (often) and I was trying to tell you that the super cute Jenni James (as pictured below) had a baby yesterday. It's called Northanger Alibi and it's a modern retelling of Northanger Abby. 
It had me at 'Northanger'.


I went to Kings English (a cute bookstore in Salt Lake City) for the launch party and listened to Jenni talk about how much she loves her characters, how she writes, and about the plethora of books she'll have coming out in the next few years. 

And guess what?

I won a Nook!

So buy Northanger Alibi and friend Ms. James
This is my good advice for the day. 
That and if someone takes a picture of you like this don't paste it on the internet because one day you might become president and people will think it's undignified.


  1. Congrats to Jenni on the new book. And I love the Nook.
    Love the post Shell. . . especially the undignified pics. And if both Tinley and Darcy proposed I hope you would really reply, "I'm sorry, I'm already married. Besides, you're fictional and I just don't think it would work out."

  2. I'm laughing at Chad's comment as much as your post :) I have a confession...I've never read Northanger Abbey. I know *hangs head in shame* I've read everything else by Austen. I'll put it on my list this year :)

  3. Oh my heck Shelly, you have me laughing out loud. You are hilarious. And I'm so jealous you won a Nook! Lucky girl! I'm jealous of the launch too. Wish I could have been there.

    LOL - now I'm laughing at Chad's comment. hehehe

  4. I don't know who is in those last two pics, but I KNOW it's not you!

  5. HA HA, I meant to say the LAST pic! Cause the girl in the second to last one is pretty cool. whoever she is.

  6. Man can't believe you won that. Can't believe I got stuck with sick kid duty and didn't get there myself. Stupid colds. Stupid roads. good book though. Congrats Jenni. (And Shelly on your win... begrudgingly)

  7. I LOVE Northanger Abbey! I first read it when I was in college, and it cracked me up. It quickly became my second-favorite of Austen's books, simply because I couldn't stop laughing at the ridiculousness of it. Love King's English bookstore, too, for the record. Wish it weren't up in SLC, or I weren't down here sometimes, because they have such amazing author visits. Congrats on the Nook!

  8. Congratulations, both to you and to Jenni :-)


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