Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I won! I won!

Guess who's the winner?

That's right!

I won an alliteration contest over at 

Go over there and read Sally Smith's Sweet Shop and bask in my glory ;)

I only wish she had posted the other's alliterations as well. They sounded really fun.
Matthew Tandy said I should keep my custom winner badge so guess what is my new wallpaper?

Try your hand at a simple alliteration in the comments. They really are quite addictive.


  1. How fun is that! I love alliteration :)

  2. Nice! Congrats to your epic win! :)

  3. Cool use as wallpaper, especially when you deserved it! I thought all the entries would have been too much to post all at once, but I think I will put one my blog every week. That way it's fun to read and less comparing between them all. Not all contestant knew what they were up against. Anyway, you can keep checking back to read one each week.
    Thanks for the link to my blog! I have your prize ready to mail off tomorrow.

  4. Congratulations, I absolutely loved it, so clever.


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