Friday, February 24, 2012

A celebration and an offer

by Shelly Brown

I read too much nonfiction for this crowd. I know I do ;)

I read about such topics that might not interest anyone but myself...

like blogging.

Yes, I read about blogging when I'm not blogging.

I am THAT exciting.

But if you're already here I wanted to share with you something that I've learned.

Leo Babauta 
(of the A-list Blogging, Write to Done, Zen Habits fame) 
talks again and again about the power of guest posting.
When he first started his blog he realized that he needed to get people there
 and he started with guest blogging. 
He gives these pluses for guest posting on someone else's blog.

-Increased Traffic (link back to your blog)
-Increased Exposure (people will know who you are)
-New Readership (connect with people who don't run in your circle)
-Great Advertising (trying to sell a book, anyone?)

Well all of this is set up for a celebratory announcement

Writing with Shelly and Chad has reached
200 blog posts

(actual picture of Shelly and Chad throwing confetti into bloggerdom)

and to celebrate we want to open the blog up to you

Anyone want to guest post?

Just leave your email address (unless it's attached to your profile) and you'll get a day on the blog :)
Don't let our celebriti-ness intimidate you ;) You can even just post a joke, a funny picture, a sentence of encouragement, or something else that is simple. So come on and join us!


  1. That is awesome! 200 posts. Way to go. I'm super excited for you. I'm not sure I know how to guest post. Ugh. the pressure. Sigh.

  2. Congrats on 200 posts. I didn't even know they wrote books on blogging. Hmm.

    I'm with Erin, in that I'm a bit intimidated to do a guest post...I'll think about it...

  3. Great offer. I'd be happy to show up, put my feet on your coffee table and drink all your beer.

    1. Oh, you know I will totally do it! But only if you don't give all your beer to Bethany. I mean I do want paid in some fashion :)

  4. Congrats! I'm your girl if you want wine-addled nonsense :)

  5. I don't know why I'm so slow today. Instead of leaving valid comments I'm replying to your other commenters. It kind of makes the joke less funny. *hangs head in shame...and walks away*

  6. I think that comment totally counted! I giggled :)

  7. How about a blog swap? We pick a topic and blog on each others' blogs the same day? (This mostly because I don't want to write two posts in one day, and not because you're amazing or anything. I actually kind of hate you. Which I'm sure you've figured out by now.)

  8. congrats on post #200! i got confetti in my eyelashes!!

  9. Congrats you guys! I'd love to guest post--as long as you think of the topic.

    1. In case you were wondering. I did offer to guest post after all.

  10. I'd love to guest blog!! And I'd even love to swap posts with you!! Let's do this thing...

  11. Congratulations on your 200 posts :-)

  12. Congrats! I'd love to be a guest. And we could trade. Or not. Or go to lunch. Whichever :)

  13. You guys are so awesome! I'd love to hang out here!


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