Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ten Reasons I Love Steve Jobs

Title Trick: The List- Lists are bizarrely popular. One opinion on the matter is that they are popular because they are fast reads. We can usually whip through a list pretty quickly and still learn something. If we don't learn something, we usually laugh. Lists are great for humor. Ask Dave Letterman.

I'm sure that by now, most of you have heard the sad news that Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer yesterday, at the young age of 56.

In honor of him and his amazing life and innovations, I present to you:

Ten Reasons I Love Steve Jobs

1. The Personal Computer. Can you remember life before the personal computer? Can you imagine if we were still typing our novels on typewriters? Ugh! So, thanks Mr. Jobs for the personal computer. In fact, I'll say it again, THANK YOU!

2. Apple. I know that not everybody is in love with Apple. And I know that Apple is not affordable to everyone. With that being said, I love Apple. I used my dad's PC yesterday and I remembered why I love Apple so much.

3. He was adopted. What a great example to adopted kids everywhere. Don't ever let something out of your control in your early childhood become your handicap.

4. He was a calligrapher. And a designer. He had an eye for beauty and made sure that his devices not only delivered on the technological end, but were ascetically pleasing.

5. He gave a wonderful commencement speech in 2005 at Stanford READ IT HERE

6. His official annual salary was $1 until he retired. (I think he made his money off his stocks in the company) Don't believe me? Click HERE

7. He bought Pixar and brought us Toy Story and my all-time favorite Finding Nemo PIXAR SAYS GOOD-BYE

8. iPhone, iPad. My husband calls my MacBook, my second husband. He calls my iPhone, my third husband. This is based on the inordinate amount of time I spend with them. But he knows that I would give up both for my first husband. I'm still kinda pining for an iPad (have I mentioned that lately?)

9. iTunes and the iPod. I like artists to be paid for their work. iTunes provided a user friendly way for people to acquire digital music honestly. I think the Kindle does for books what the iPod did for music.  Revolutionary!

10. Because even though we know he's not perfect, he is perfectly inspiring.

Good bye, Mr. Jobs.
You will be missed.


  1. A wonderful tribute to a great inspiration. Thank you.

  2. That was good. I'm going to have to come back to read those links. I've enjoyed what little about Steve Jobs I've read in the past... very inspiring.

  3. I was shocked when I turned on the news this morning. Who will be the next revolutionary? Great list!

  4. Wonderful tribute Shelly. He was a brilliant and wonderful man. He will be missed.

  5. unbelievable!
    what a guy! i never knew a couple of those things!
    thanks for the awesome words!

  6. I totally remember the times before the personal computer. I was so excited when I got a typewriter with some memory: 2,000 k.

    It was AMAZING then.

    I like things better now. Jobs and his vision will be missed.


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