Monday, October 24, 2011

The BIG Reveal!

I've been rather Lemony Snickett about showing my beautiful face to the world.

And I promised all y'all that I would start using my picture when I reached 500 followers. (This is a trick called, delaying the inevitable. I use it ALL the time with my children.)

Well, we're not quite there.

But I can't delay any longer.

I need your money

(small incriments is fine)

and I'm willing to sell my face (and my hair) for it.

I will be shaving my head BALD in just 15 days, on November 9th, if I can raise enough money.


It is so hard to fathom. Bald...a bald me...a bald me with no hair...

But I couldn't resist this face (and bald head)

Let me introduce you to my cousin Tyson.
Ty is 3 years old and has ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)
He's still in treatments and has his good days and his bad days.
I am doing this in the name of Tyson.
If 3yo Tyson can look so darn cute bald, so can I!

Please consider clicking on my donation page
and donating even just a dollar
If I reach my goals I will shave my head and
IF I know that my blog friends got me there, 
you better believe I will post a picture of beatiful me sans hair. 
Probably even a whole post on the shaving event.

So if you want to see what I really look like (I'm the before picture) CLICK BELOW

Stay updated on Tyson HERE


P.S. I'll change all of my avatar pictures and such to a picture of me after the big November 5th overhaul.


  1. I wish you the best of luck. I'm flat broke and can't even pay my bills but Tyson is definitely in my prayers.

    I must say, you are very brave, not to mention a loving cousin. Now, just think of all the time you'll save in the morning by not doing your hair. It's something anyway. Good luck and God bless!

  2. Okay, Shelly, you are just wonderful...
    Will totally make a donation :)

  3. Shelly, you are amazing. And I think you'll be totally cute with a bald head. ;)

  4. I enjoy reading your blog so much I nominated it for the Versatile Blogger Award! ;D

    You can check it out on my blog

  5. You're so brave. I hope that you can raise some money!

  6. Wow. Brave, sweet Tyson is very lucky to have such a loving cousin.

  7. What a beautiful thing to do for your cousin. Prayers for him.

  8. You're a wonderful aunty and he is a gorgeous boy.

  9. Shelly, I really wish I could contribute, it's for such a good cause. I hope you raise a ton of money.

  10. This is awesome Shelly. My darling neighbor was diagnosed with leukemia last year, at the age of 3. It has been a long, rough road but she is doing great. I know Tyson will do great too! What a darling kid! Lots of love and support going his way!

  11. WOW!
    You are amazing. I spent some time bald myself...I had cancer almost 7 years ago, so this means a lot to me. Thank you for doing something so brave and so selfless. Even though I can't afford it, I'm going to donate a little anyway.

  12. This is awesome. Will be making a donation for little Ty.

  13. Thanks so much for the support guys! It means a lot to me.

    I donated $100 and my friends and family have doubled it already. *tears*

    But we're only 2/10ths into BALD SHELLY.
    I'm going to need 800 more dollars. But if we each just give $1 I will totally meet my goal, be bald, and we will all feel really good about trying to help children around the world kick cancer.

    Consider donating $1

    Love you all!

  14. Beautiful inside and out, you are. And check out the lashes on Tyson. Adorable! Good luck on passing your goal!:D

  15. Very Cool! I'm happy to give and will keep Tyson in my prayers. Thanks for letting us all in on this!


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