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Who's the leader of the club that's made for Tara and Shelly?

M - I - C

K - E - Y


Tara Tyler lives on the eastern half of the United States and I live on the western. I hope that these parts of the US never go to war with each other because I don't think I could ever kill her (in fact I make Tara this promise, if the US goes to war with itself, I will never kill you). But that is beside the point (probably just to the left of the point.) The POINT is that Tara frequents 
Walt Disney World and I, Disneyland.

She talks all about her experience and love of Walt Disney World HERE

I talk about one unfortunate evening at Disneyland HERE

But we are both Disney freaks who love to share our love of Disney with others.

So whether you are on the eastside or the westside, here are some tips!

Tara on Walt Disney World (Florida)

Dining and Magic Hours

Before you make those dining reservations, you have to check the MAGIC HOURS! If you stay on property, you get to enter the parks early, before the masses, or stay later, and I mean way later! But you have to refer to the calendar on the website for the days of your stay because the Magic Hours are different for each park. Not to mention the hours the parks are open to change all the time. But the calendar is pretty accurate, even six months in advance or more.
The reason I say to check the Magic Hours is to help in planning your days. For instance, look for a night EPCOT is open late and plan to have a fabulous dinner at one of the countries there. Then you can see the laser show and still ride a few more rides while everyone else has to leave. A note that my sister observed, and I concur with, is that on days a park opens early, visit it then go to another park because for some odd reason the park seems extra crowded on those days. Also, on a day when there are no AM Magic Hours is a good time to book a character breakfast.

Fast Passes
The rides with the longest lines have kiosks out front dispensing fast passes. They allow you to come back at a designated time and enter the ride without waiting in the 30, 40 or 60 minutes in line through all the ropes. (This is true of Disneyland as well)

Daily Breakdown of Date, Costs, Crowds, and Weather

Shelly on Disneyland
(in typical Shelly style this is much less informative and mostly musings)

The Tiki Room

Why I like the Tiki Room, by Shelly Brown. The Tiki room is air conditioned, not very crowded, and has restrooms. But wait, there’s more! It is also a lot of fun to watch animatronic birds and pretend like they are the newest technology of 1963. If you find yourself in Adventureland, make your way over.

You need to get a Dole Pineapple Whip. They sell these at a stand outside of the Tiki Room. It's a pineapple ice-cream-like treat that is so iconic and delicious, I say it's a must!

I usually play the Wayne Brady version of The Tiki Room song (I don't know why, I just like that one) for my kids for months before we go. But it is actually not at all necessary to prep this song, as once you have heard the Tiki Room song you will be singing it for years, and usually not meaning to, and wishing you never learned it, and hating me for suggesting it. But I LIKE IT! And that is that!

Unique Dinners?

Never eaten at the Blue Bayou? Do, Mr. Magoo! (I have trouble stopping rhymes sometimes ;)
This restaurant is INSIDE the Pirate of the Caribbean ride! You dine ‘outside’ under the perpetual stars of fake-ness and along a man-made bayou. They charge you an arm and a leg for this experience but what an experience! Plus, great Cajun food!

The Celebration Round-up and BBQ is wonderful! We did it with our kids and it was memory-making (I stole this from Scott Westerfeld- just stick 'making' at the end of anything you want, it's fun...-making) Nestled in the back of Frountierland is Jessie and Woody hosting a meal and show. It is expensive (not as expensive as the Blue Bayou) but if you have the time, I say it's worth it. Definitely take your time. Give yourself at least an hour to enjoy this all-you-can-eat buffet and entertainment.

This is not at all useful information

I miss the People Mover ride a lot!
Sure it was kind of lame,
and sure the word ride is a gross overstatement,
and sure nobody ever rode that ride,
BUT that is what made it so awesome!
No line, air conditioned, slow relaxing jounce around Tomorrowland.
Where else, in the world, can you find a ride based on Tron?
Not at Disneyland. Not anymore :(

This video HERE is 10 minutes of People Mover goodness.

One time I was ordered by my parents to take my four-year-old sister on the teacups. I hated the teacups (they make me sick) and even more I hated the line for the teacups (why!?!?) so I asked her if she knew what the teacups looked like. She told me she didn't. So we rode the People Mover instead. No line, no inner-ear issues, happy sisters.

I think what you should take away from this whole post is (Tara knows her stuff and Shelly rambles too much) that it is best to be crazy organized when you go to the Parks to get the most out of your time. I can't speak for Tara but I will say that all the time organizing a Disneyland trip isn't work. It's FUN! I know that if we just showed up at the park, we'd have a ball but I organize things so that we can have that many more great memories.


M - I - C
see you real soon
K - E - Y
why? Because we like you.


Find Tara and her blog Tara Tyler Talks HERE
Going to Walt Disney World? Get Tara's tips HERE


  1. This has to be one of the best Disney guides on the net. Nice post!

  2. whew! i'm glad you made that pact! it would be like katniss having to kill her friend in the games (cant wait for that movie!)

    i love your info! we need to drag our butts to ca for the dl experience (and you know i dont mean down low) and you reminded me i need to personalize my stoic info with fun stories of which i have many =) thanks!

    ps - our people mover is still running. i love it, the relaxing breeze, short line, and we whiz thru space mountain. closest i get to it, ramble, ramble...

  3. Now I want to blow off the first week of school and go to Disney--world or land--I'm not picky. Thanks for the fun post :)

  4. Girl you crack me up! Oh, how I love Disneyland and wish I made it there more often. I think I will have the Mickey Mouse song in my head for the entire day! Good ol' Mickey Mouse!

  5. What a brilliant pic and post!

  6. I share you love/obsession with Disney. I can never get enough. Since I'm an Eastcoaster living in Chicago, Florida is always closer. BUT I would LOVE to visit Disneyland some day. It is, after all, the original...

  7. What! Those weren't the teacups! So all these years I thought the teacups was my favorite ride and it's actually been the people mover!

  8. Yay Disney! Haven't been to the Land since I was a kid but have gone to the World quite a few time since and back again this coming October. :)

    I love the People Mover too! I hope it never ever leaves the East Coast park. What I miss most there is Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. :( Oh, and the original Tiki Room is being reinstated in Florida...or maybe just has been...either way, hooray!

    Thanks for the tips. Gotta check out that restaurant in the Pirates ride whenever I make it back out west.

  9. Nicki, Land has Mr. Toads still. So come on out to California and eat in Pirates and go on Wild Ride!


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