Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tara Tyler talks and talks and talks and...

Tara Tyler
Tara Tyler
Such a pretty alliteration, she is.

So, Tara Tyler tell us a tantalizing tidbit touching on Tara Tyler.

This was the hardest question. I don't feel special, and I know my story is similar to so many. Christian mother of 3, great husband, write when I can. I moved around a bunch all my life. I worked at an engineering company, then used my teaching degree, teaching, before having kids. Now I sub and with the economy so bad, I let those who need full time jobs have the limited teaching positions. I like subbing and being available for my family and having the time to write. Pretty ordinary. But it feels great when people I know are impressed that I've written a couple of books. Now I just need to get published =)

You’ve written a book or two or three, tell us about them.

Let's see, I have written two full manuscripts.

The first one I loved! It got me started writing. Unfortunately it started out as chick lit and I was a few years late...

"Jacks & Jills & Jezebels"
Summary: 8 girlfriends go out for a bachelorette party in Hotlanta in the 90s and encounter all kinds of people from exes to boyfriend stealing bimbos, making the friends re-evaluate their relationships.

"Pop Travel"
sci-fi thriller - In 2080, reclusive detective, J.L. Cooper, discovers deadly malfunction in pop travel, laser teleportation, that someone wants to keep covered up and enlists help from historian/FBI agent, Geri Harper, to confront the Creator of it, who has problems of his own.

“Lazy Housewife”
Non-fiction, The Lazy Housewife, has tips and timesavers for women who hate housework, like me!

I also write short stories, poetry, songs, and so much more, just not enough time to get to it all!

If you’d like to share your thoughts about her pitches above and/or would like to get samples of Tara’s work, you can email her at 
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If you think she’s the cats meow
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  1. you need to come get this award, even tho you hav more than 200 followers =)

    so glad i can give you something back, tho just a trinket in comparison to what you've given me!

  2. Awesomeness is all I gotta say...

  3. Tara, your books sound so fun. I wish I could click on to amazon and buy them :)

  4. She totally is the "cats meow." What a sweet lady and her books sound wonderful.

  5. You're a prolific writer, Tara! Goodluck with your writing!

  6. Such variety---I like that in a writer. Definitely sign me up for Lazy Housewife, I could use all the tips I can get.


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