Saturday, August 13, 2011

FREE Writing Workshop!

Writeoncon is having it's annual conference and it's

It is all online from August 16th-18th 2011

This means not only do you not have to pay
you can wear
your pajama's

Write on Con is for YA, MG, and Kiddie Lit
Join the fun

Savvy Authors 
is also having their online writing conference this month
August 24-28th 2011

This one is free to members and membership is $30
So, for someone like me, this conference is $30

They have a HUGE list of  
workshops, chats, and webinars

More info HERE


  1. I've never taken an online course. Not for anything. Hmmmm.... Thanks for the 'heads up'!

  2. I'm so interested in this but not sure the timing works for me.

  3. Thank you so much. I didn't know about the savvy authors. Can't wait to look into it. They will both be wonderful.

    AND I will be truly stoked to be part of the "unveiling" when you reach 500 followers! So cool!

  4. Ohhhh... exciting... thanks for the heads up!


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