Monday, August 1, 2011

Brenda Sills

Do you know who this is?
Do you follow her insightful and funny blog?
Do you follow her on Twitter?

This, my friends, is
Brenda Sills
The Nicest Lady in Blogdom
(see ‘blog’ is ugly no matter WHAT I do to it!)

I want you to get a taste of Brenda 
and her writing style 
(they taste like chicken--Hawaiian chicken...Mmmmm)
so I just plagiarized some of the great stuff she
wrote in her blog about her blog
So without further ado

Jrr . . . Mft . . . Gwadle . . . Flerf .  . . Screech
Hello, hello. Anyone out there?
Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing working?
Oh! There you are. Okay, ah-hum.

Thank you for joining my Blogadio program.  Let me introduce myself. I go by the moniker of Brenda Sills. That’s ‘S’ like in ‘Sam’- i-l-l-s.
I am a writer who loves exploring the bottomless cache of knowledge in life—from the ridiculous to the genius. And I’m mesmerized by people—by the engaging quirks that make us all different.  

I'll be broadcasting at this station as I travel life’s roads, skies, and oceans. Come along with me and put my mind-wanderings into your pocket, your mind, or a glass bottle set adrift at sea.  But whatever you do, espy the world around you and use your findings to begin a stash of your own.

So here we go!


Without further ado, I will enlighten you as to the meaning of my title—The Startled Spyglass.

In peering through the spyglass of life, I relish being startled by the humorous, the poignant, the fascinating, the eccentric. They electrify me, and I feel it in me bones.

So I’ll be writing about things that startle me in some way—small, big, and not-so-big.

They may not seem so spectacular to you, but look deeper, squint sideways, hang upside-down until you ESPY THE CURIOUS!

She how wonderful she is. 
What a voice! 
What a mind! 
Find her and follow her. 
You WON'T regret it.

If anyone would like to say something nice about Brenda in the comments below we will be passing around the mic :)


  1. Brenda rocks! I met her at LDSStorymakers and love, love, LOVE her!

  2. Oh my word, Shelly! You are SO kind to say such things about me! I feel so lucky and happy to be featured on the incredible blog of such an incredible lady. Hey, that makes me Happy-Go-Lucky!

    Boy, am I ever glad I won your blog fest! This has got to be the best prize in Blogdom! Thanks for such a nice post about me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm doing cartwheels - okay not literally, but it's the thought that counts right?!

  3. I love Brenda's blog. I wish I had met her at LDStorymakers :)

  4. Brenda is awesome. She's one of my crit partners, so of course I love her! :D :D

  5. Brenda is the best! I met her on twitter and could not have met a better person! :)

  6. I met Brenda through Poetry Schmoetry thanks to Shelly! It's great when you find witty and entertaining bloggers who really stand out! Julie

  7. Always nice to meet someone new. Hi Brenda! Off to check out your blog now...

  8. She is the best! And not to brag or anything, but I'm friends with her in real life and she's my crit partner! I'm lucky, right?!

  9. I HAVE been to her blog. Totally love it. While I don't know her personally, she seems amazing! Go Brenda!

  10. Hi Brenda! Been following your blog and it lives up to all of the rumor. Glad to have met you during Poetry Schmoetry.


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