Monday, July 11, 2011

The Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest Day 1

Welcome Everyone!

Today is the first day of the Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest!
(And if you live near a 7-11 you can get a free slurpee- Could this day get any better?!?)

The Linky is still open to anyone who would like to join.
1. Follow this blog
2. Put your information in the Linky below
3. Post a poem or write about poetry on your blog (today through Thursday)
4. Then Friday, when everyone's poem is posted, go around and check them out.
Full details HERE
So come and join the party!

Don't forget to earn points
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To start things off right I will post a poem of my own

Pink leggings
Punch stained shirt
Chubby toes in white leather sandals
I’m pretty sure that I know who is standing over me
Blocking the glaring sun
Stepping on my hair
And dripping popsicle on my face

(Remember that I'm a poet-in-process, so go easy. Now, I'm excited to read all of your poems)



  1. I loved your poem! I'm not a poet-in-process but I took a leap of faith and did a poem for the ocassion! It's my Harry Potter poetry dealio. Hope you enjoy!

  2. You captured a perfect summer moment. I can see the chubby toes. I love it :)

  3. I loved your poem Shelly, I could see, smell and feel the whole scene.
    I posted my attempt at a poem, it's crap, but I hope you find humor in the patheticness that is I in poetry-mode.

    On my way to check out Jen's!


  4. So, if I comment today, does it count as commenting on Friday, too?

    I like your poem. It's pretty easy to see the scene. I'm guessing inspiration from real life?

  5. The link to Randy Lindsay is broken. I can't get it to work. Am I crazy?

  6. Love the imagery! Wonderful poem--short and sweet. ;)

  7. Thanks everyone.

    Kayeleen - you're good!

    Angie- thanks for the heads up. That phishing warning was intense! I fixed the link and now we're cool.

  8. I could picture each line- I really enjoyed this one. I will have mine up tomorrow.

  9. Like the poem - very evocative. I've only just discovered this Blogfest but I'm going to go and post a poem now ...

  10. What a great image. Love it!

    Also, I posted my poem. It's up on my blog.

  11. Love your poem! The imaginary is wonderful! :)

  12. I love sticky, pink-legginged little girls! Love the poem :)

  13. Cute! Love the imagery, and it's also very summery. :)

  14. I love the image. The tights and the sandals are precious mixed with the drips of the popsicle. Sounds like summer to me!

    The Write Soil

  15. I like your poem. Never wear leggings when it's popsicle weather!

  16. You've certainly captured a precious picture with your words. Just had my grands here for a week so I stick to light switches, drawer pulls, door knobs--you name it. Wish they could stick around as long as their sweet fingerprints do.
    Pam at

  17. I'm in, taking your advice to heart. I don't know why but I love the image of hair getting stepped on. Also, for some reason I get the image of the beach...there is no proof in your lines to back this up, though. Strange.

  18. You've painted a vivid picture with such few words!

  19. I read yours Shelly, then re-read it and pictured a voice on the beach reciting this. Great job!

    Please excuse my tardiness everyone! I am catching up with time, the themes and of course the poems! I just finished day 1 and I am working on day 2. I hope you all enjoy mine as I'm sure I will enjoy yours when I read them.

  20. Wonderful imagery! Loved "dripping popsicle on my face" - I felt like I could feel that sticky cool wetness.
    Thanks for this awesome Blogfest! I hope you do it again sometime.

  21. This is probably the coolest blogfest ever, I must say. ;)

    I love your poem! "Pink leggings - Punch stained shirt," it's so colorful and descriptive. Keep writing poetry, you sure have the talent for it!


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