Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Retro Summer!

Amy at Ramblings of Amy asked me to find one of my old mix CD's and blog about it.

I must confess that I have had a fictional conversation about this very topic. The conversation only takes place in my head (hence, fictional) but I want to write into a book somewhere, someday.

"Make her a mix tape."
"A what?"
"A mix tape. You know, a bunch of songs that you think she'd like..."
"A playlist?"
*hangs head* "Yeah, a playlist. You can probably just email those, huh?"

I looked all over for a mix TAPE (I had a tape player in my car in HS) that I used to play over and over, but I couldn't find it (though I'm sure it's here somewhere)

So I tried to remember as many of the songs on there that I could.

Little Dune Buggy   Presidents of the United States LINK
That Thing You Do   The Oneders (Wonders)
My Sharona   The Knack
Any Gal of Mine   Gino Ruberto LINK
Cotton-Eyed Joe   Rednex
Speed Racer   Alpha Team (radio version) careful-there's a dirty version
Callin' Baton Rouge   Garth Brooks
Stay   Lisa Loeb

I tried to make a playlist for these songs but most of them aren't there. Yes, I'm that weird. I linked up a couple of the really random ones.

I don't know what to say about them except that I thought this was a fun mix of songs when I was in high school. 

If you have a minute you should really listen to Any Gal of Mine. It's a parody of Shania Twain's Any Man of Mine.


  1. Great song selections Shelly!

    I love The Oneders (Wonders),Garth Brooks,and Lisa Loeb - and still love that conversation. :)

    Thank you for participating!

  2. awesome! i love the presidents! (lump!)
    and i have a few others on my ipod too
    (i know 'stay' by heart, apparently you also own the soundtrack from Reality Bites)
    great variety =)

  3. Omigod, that Cotton eyed Joe song brings back memories of my wedding night. We had asked the DJ to bring country music, because my husband and my's families both are of that mindset, but he didn't. The only song remotely close was this one. And he played it at least twelve times. Thank goodness for the open bar.

  4. I love the diversity in your selections!! My Sharona has always been a favorite of mine. Brings back memories of college. What a great list!!

  5. Fun list! I must have had my head in a hole for a few years. There are so many songs on these lists that I'm not familiar with. Going to my playlist to search!

  6. What fun! And thanks for the links - I had a blast listening to them. I've never heard of Presidents of the United States - the band that is. I knew we had presidents of our country, just so you know.
    WAHOO! Thanks for picking my poem as one of the final four!!! That made my happiness rocket into space!

  7. I hate to say it but I really hated that "Cotton-Eye Joe" song. LOL. Gotta love Presidents, and of course "My Sharona" - I also love Lisa Loeb!


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