Friday, July 22, 2011

Meditating on a Book

This is what I look like when I read.

I am usually doing yoga at the same time.

Facing the ocean.

I'm slightly balding.

And smugly smiling

(unless the book is bad,
then I'm laying on the ground near the garbage dump, 
surrounded by my own hair and scowling)


  1. You're a night owl too? Midnight seems to be the only time kids don't want things.

    I just have one question: When you are reading at the garbage dump is the hair still on your head or is it dirty balls of discarded hair. I'm not sure why but that seems to make a difference.

  2. Oh, definitely balding.

    I wish I could read while doing yoga. Ugh

  3. Would yoga make a bad book better? Hmm...I'll have to ruminate on that one.

  4. LOL, cute. Looks like the Stork (yoga pose) in the pic there. :) Nice to visit your blog! Happy rest of the weekend.


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