Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Voting Day, Schmoting Day!

If you are here for Summer's Inspiration, CLICK HERE
If you want to read a WONDERFUL poem that just missed the deadline CLICK HERE

Thanks everyone for participating in the 

It was a lot of fun. Thanks for your work, your willingness to share your poetry, and for being good writing friends to each other.
Some of you were brave enough to try poetry for the first time since school. Others laid out their hearts and souls for us (thank you.) You guys are awesome! 
Others of you are old pro’s and it shows (Look, a mini poem!)

But I had to narrow it down to four finalist today, so I present to you, in alphabetical order, the finalists:

Brenda Sills

Below you will see that each person has her own post with the poem there. Read them and vote in the comments for your favorite. The winner is the person who has the most votes by Thursday, the 21, at midnight PST.

Honorable Mention

My helpful judges and myself, fought and dileberated for a while before coming up with the top four poems. I wanted to acknowledge those poems that we felt strongly about but didn’t make the last cut.

Michelle Simkins,   Ana @ Artistry,   Dawn @ Write Soil,   Esther Douek,   Glenna @ BlueLipstick,    Briana @ Playdough,   Curtis Moser,   Valerie F,   Casey Morris,   Emily @ Write About,   Simon Kewin,   Ang @ Bloggity,   Tracy Farr

By making honorable mention you also receive this button that you can post on your blog if you would like. Or at least you can wear a smug little smile for the rest of the day, if you’d like.

Everyone else deserves a button, too!
I couldn’t agree more! Thank you all for participating!!!

Everyone who earned more than 60 points has been added to my bloglist. It was the least I could do. Thanks for all of your effort!

I will post that tonight...oh, the suspense!


  1. Yowza! So excited to be a finalist!! THANK YOU!

  2. Deciding is truly tough. I vote for kelly!

  3. Holy tough voting batman! Such a hard call, so here's the dealio - 2nd place for me goes to Tara, and for that I'm tweeting the link to your poem.
    My official vote goes to Julie Fedderson, not just because it's a great poem, but because she captures the panic attack so well.
    Thanks Shelly for the blogfest, it was a blast!

  4. Amazing blogfest! I'm glowing over my HM button, thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

    My vote most definitely goes to Brenda: it's hard enough to write a decent haiku, harder still to write one that draws a laugh!

  5. Congratulations to all the winners! It was so much fun. Thank you for hosting!

  6. thanks so much! i cant believe i made it as a finalist, i just had a great time writing and reading all the poems!
    thanks again for putting it together =)

  7. Thank you for such an honor--it was really a great experience for me, and now that I am no longer a poetry virgin, I hope to write more in the future! Thanks for all your hard work to create such an amazing blogfest.

  8. Honorable I am practically a rock star. Or at least close to being one. Maybe a really good karaoke act.

  9. I vote for Brenda, having finally had time to read some poems in this contest. Love it!

  10. I loved reading the poetry entries! Very nice blog and nice to meet you, Shelly!

  11. Excellent entries and congratulations to the finalists!!

    My vote is for Kelly!

  12. Congrats to the finalists!!! This sure was a fun blogfest. Thanks for hosting and keeping things lively. :)

    Thank you for the honorable mention!


  13. Great blogfest Shelly! I vote for Brenda! :)


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