Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hope and Fear

I think as writers we can all relate to the topic of hope. Hope is what gets us to trudge through rewrites. Hope is what gets us to put our babies on the skewer for agents and editors to pick at then discard. Hope is what gets us to write.

"...Our hopes can lead us to dreams which can inspire us and lead us to action...Hope alone, however, does not cause us to succeed. Many honorable hopes have gone unfulfilled, shipwrecked on the reefs of good intentions and laziness."
-- Steven E. Snow

I have a constant fear that my reef of good intentions and laziness will shipwreck my dream. You may have noticed that I fully acknowledge that my reef exists.

I think of the line in Tangled where the Hook Handed Thug was helping them escape and says:
"Go, live your dream!"
and Flynn replies, "I will."
and the thug says, "Your dream stinks. I was talking to her."

Unless I missed something, her dream was to see floating lanterns. At least Flynn's had more vision and ambition behind it. (Just kidding- I can only imagine the comments defending Rapunzel's dream)

I just hope that my hope is placed on a dream that doesn't stink.

If I was a fortune cookie writer I would make one that said:
May your hopes lead to your nonstinky dreams!


  1. Awesome quote! Sometimes I think writers need to be reminded that they need a little more hope, but then of course they have to do something with those hopes and dreams.

  2. Great quotation, without hope there are no dreams, without hope there is no life.


  3. That fortune is a keeper! Living the dream can be scary, but usually worth it.:)

  4. I want that fortune cookie! :)

    I love this post. Hope is truly what keeps us going. I also like that quote; I have reefs as well. One of them is self-doubt. It is hope that helps me trudge through the slimy muck of insecurity.

  5. The way I see it, there's no point in giving up...because you might as well keep going. ;)

  6. As long as your hope is authentic in your heart, I think it's a good hope. ;)

    Now as far as the reef, that's a whole other story. I've got one of those too - an abundance of ideas and a tendency to over-commit give the reef extra staying power!

  7. I'm reminded of the quote they always say about actors: "There are no bad actors. Just bad parts." {Or is that the other way around?! Ha! Ha! Oh well...whichever!!...I think your writing is very NON-stinky. The part I've seen of it anyway...And you're very funny too! :-))

  8. i hope you have a fun filled fourth!

    and thanks for the link to the schmoetry blogfest =)

  9. lol... so true! Hope only goes so far... the rest comes from hard work and perseverance. We can never lose hope tho... it propels us toward our dreams, and without dreams, we settle.


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