Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dan is Awesome!

My friend Dan is awesome.

None of these men (I think they're all men) are Dan

Why is he awesome (especially if he's not one of the guys above)? Because he's a guy who is willing to help a friend. Because he's a guy who tries new and crazy thing (like writing!) Because he's a guy who told me to write this blog post.
So, whether he likes this post or not, he asked for it.
And here it is.


  1. I hope Dan enjoys his blog post. *giggle*

  2. How did I miss this blog post? It showed up randomly on my side bar today. Love the random picture. You are one funny lady :)

  3. First off, that's the best picture of Chad, Shane, Stu, Jeff, and Troy Lemke I've ever seen. How did you ever get them to hold still long enough to take it? Secondly, please (PLEASE!) let me know if you doing what I tell you to do is now compulsory. If it is, then the voodoo trance/magic potion has worked and I no longer have to go to the office every day. And finally, you're both sweet and awesome. Just like me. :)


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