Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Journey

I already have a post that talks a little bit about why I write but as with most things in life, writing for me is multi-faceted. So amuse me for a minute while elaborate on the journey:

I have an insatiable love of people

I want to know everything about them and their lives

And a natural outcropping of this is a love of stories

(Apparently these people don’t have to be real ;)

I LOVE stories

Streaming out of my love of stories and people comes my love of the theater

I studied theater for years learning how to tell stories, tell about the lives of people, and help audiences see the world through the eyes of another.

I worked my empathy muscles till it hurt

I had incredible inner dialogue going on

I learned to make brave, bold, interesting choices for my characters

And I loved it

But theater takes a lot of hours away from my children and I could only sacrifice so much of that

I also LOVE film and television

I studied film in school as another way to tell these stories of people

I really enjoyed studying it but filmmaking is expensive (and as it turned out, not a natural talent)

My husband studied English in college and is a published author (I think he would dismiss this because he only has ONE book published. He’s so silly.)

So maybe writing was the way to tell the stories in my heart

But, I already knew that I wasn’t a writer (My writing was shot down really hard and fast a couple of times and I have been a hesitant writer ever since)

But unlike filmmaking, writing is cheap. I’m not talking about publishing; I’m talking about writing.

Learning the craft is taking a while but I can do it at home with my children, who are still young

And I have lots of stories to write (even if only my children read them)

All of them about people

Those wonderful, wonderful people.

Thanks Kayeleen for the excuse to write a little bit more about me. To see why other authors write, see the list HERE.



  1. I love theater too but I was always too much of a chicken to pursue it. So I sicked my little girls on it and my 10 year old was just cast as Violet Beuregard in Willie Wonka Jr.! Yaay!

    I love stories too. I'm completely with you there.

  2. I can see that you and I have a lot in common. Except for the children part. I don't have any of them. :-)) But I, like yourself, love to write...and talk...and wax poetic. It fills a space nothing else can...even though chocolate tries! :-)

  3. I relate to a lot of this, Shelly. I started writing with the thought that my kids would read it. And if no one else reads it, then awesome. But, I would like others to read it.

    Isn't it great to be able to tell the stories that are in your head? As one theater geek to another, thanks!

  4. I think you are totally right, movies and theater are sister pursuits to writing. I also love people real and fictional.

    I write out of a love of language. It is amazing to me that the perfect words on a page of paper can elicit a emotional response from the people who read it. Now that is powerful :)

  5. I've always believed that writers are artists, and while other writers have the written word as their sole creative output, others are painters, filmmakers, actors, etc. It's this thing called Imagination that brings us to explore our creative selves. Building a pretend world is similar to playing pretend.

    I love your post. You have passion, and what's even cooler is that you are so multi-faceted, so talented in different areas of the art. Thank you for sharing this. :)

  6. I loved being a thespian, too, but mostly so I could escape being myself for long stretches of time and be King Author or Tweedle Dee instead.

    Keep writing! I love your writing voice and I just know when you get something published it is going to be wonderful!

  7. Besides keeping me entertained, the initial appeal of writing was that it was cheap. There's also something wonderful knowing you created something that wouldn't have existed if you hadn't cared enough to make the effort. As for the theater, definitely a secret yearning of mine - if I wasn't so stage fright.

  8. I started writing poetry after the passing of my mother and husband within 2 months of each other 13 years ago. At first I could write down .my inner most thoughts then years later I started to write about lighter expereiences in my life, I have had a book published en titled
    Negative V, Positive which is on Amazon.
    I enjoy writing and also travelling and concert going.
    I enjoyed your post, a pleasure to read.

  9. Theater is another wonderful creative outlet. Writing is a natural progression for many in drama. Like you, I didn't care for the hours involved. Writing allows that creative outlet, but on your schedule. So glad to meet you - I'm now following!

  10. Greetings, Shelly. I love your reasons for writing, including your insatiable curiosity. Isn't it wonderful exploring what makes people tick.

    And as you point out, unlike filmmaking, you don't need big budgets to develop and polish your writing skills.

    Nice to e-meet you through this blogfest. Writing in Flow

  11. Wonderful, wonderful article. Your passion comes through loud and clear. Made me feel happy.

  12. I did a little theater stuff in high school and learned a few lessons that could go to writing and then I've taken a few classes on films in college that has helped me learn even more.

  13. Whoa, I guess I never thought publishing was cheap, but you have a point! Comparatively, it's pennies compared to the multi-millions risked on a thought.

  14. I think you got to the root appeal of writing; it's the love of stories. And you're so right that it's a lot cheaper than film-making, and there's less rush too and more flexible. You can learn and grow at your own pace. Thanks for sharing!

  15. What an awesome background you have! I can imagine that your stories are wonderful!

  16. What a great journey! Writing completes me, and it sounds like it completes you too!
    S.B. Niccum
    Author Website

  17. Your insatiable love for understanding people is quite intriguing. I can see from just this post alone that your story telling skills are superb.

    P.S. I'm totally with you on the "loving stories" part :)

    Thank you for sharing!

  18. Awwww, all y'all are so nice :)

  19. I love all those things, too! I'm not a natural story teller or writer, but I love it. And why not do what you love? I'm learning a lot on my journey. I know I'm not the best out there - I'm not great, but I'm good. With a little luck, the right story and the right audience, who knows? Just keep on going Small Town Shelly Brown!

  20. Small Town Shelly Brown, I love your style. Seriously, seriously. And now I will follow you.

    Great bit. Interestingly enough, I was also always drawn to the theater, but never film. I love to watch film, but I imagine all the cuts and skipping around scenes would make it very difficult to grasp the characterization I look for.

    ~Alana (also on Why Write? Blogfest - #12 on the list)

  21. Such an honest , heart-warming post delivered in a matter-of-fact manner !
    Happy writing !

  22. my kids have LOVED your stories. we just finished the snapdragon story this week and now i am wishing for a magic limb-removing wand of my own. your stories are enchanting :)and i really enjoy reading them to the kids!

  23. Love this post. I love people too! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  24. Shelly,
    I so totally know what you mean about the theater/children balance. We've reached sort of a happy compromise in our family: Children's Theater. I write shows, and we do those and others (auditioning now for Willy Wonka!) and my husband and I help direct. We've got great cast parents who help entertain the little folk during rehearsals and shows. But twice a year is about all we can all take of that schedule!

    Plus, I write at night, so as much as I love the stage, as you said, it's the stories that keep me sane. I found I can live without theater, but not writing. You have such a great blog!

  25. Love this post...thanks for sharing! (And for visiting my blog!)


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