Friday, May 13, 2011

Shannon Hale-author extraordinaire

So unbeknownst to her, Shannon Hale, is one of my idols.

Because she is so relatable-
We both have bald husbands (who are ridiculously nice)
We both did comedy in college (but she knew when to stop- I'll probably be doing pratfalls until they result in hip replacements)
We both have twins (the topics that comes up the most when we see each other...I dunno, once a year)
We're both ravishingly good looking.
You get the idea.

She is really easy to talk to, but I always feel a little silly because she doesn't know that I write (because I don't tell her that I write- what am I so ashamed of?) She also doesn't know that I horde her books like they'll go out of print (one for me, one for my daughter, one for my daughter's daughter...) And she definitely doesn't know that I named my chickens, Midnight, In, and Austenland (we'll be enjoying those babies fried in January 2012.)
Obviously I'm exaggerating.
The chickens are for laying eggs.
But I wasn't exaggerating about Shannon, being an author extraordinaire.

So now that I have poured my bosom secrets out, my blog reading friends (hi mom!) what do you say we lighten the mood with a little Shannon Hale horror stories: OINK SQUEETUS
(Her blog post seriously had me rolling)

I have some chicken to feed. TILL JANUARY 2012!


  1. Shannon Hale is amazing! I'm feeling twice as special now than I did a moment ago, since I know you and you know her! She's one author on my To-Meet list. I own most of her books (though not in triplicate... yet) and am constantly recommending them to others.

    You should totally tell her you're a writer. I know! You can start by mentioning ME! "My friend Robin loves you. I ran into her at Storymakers. Oh, yes, I was at Storymakers. I'm a writer." See? Easy. :)

    AND you have twins? I knew you were cool, but didn't know you were THAT cool!

  2. Shannon Hale's blog and her books are the best! She amazes me. And she's so funny! She's definitely an author extraordinaire.

  3. I can definitely see why you admire her - anyone who has that kinda grace in the face of such humiliation is some kind of awesome. Also? Don't hoit the boids!!! ;-)

  4. I am a huge fan of Shannon Hale's books as well! If I ever get to meet her I'd probably be rambling and making absolutely no sense so it's better that I just admire her from afar.


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