Sunday, May 22, 2011

Because You Care Enough To Prepare Enough

So with all this apocalyptical chit-chat that’s been going around I’ve been thinking that there is a big hole left in the insurance field.

If my husband had been raptured on Saturday, I would have been left to deal with at least 3 of our 5 kids (I’m not telling which ones ;) and the mortgage payments on my own.

Can you see what I mean? Serious gap.

So I am starting my own Rapture Insurance Company. It's there to help poor sinners like myself, who have yoked themselves to the perfect (foolish, foolish them), deal with the widowhood (or widowerhood) of post-apocalyptical earth.

Just send me your money monthly….

How’s this for a slogan: Good luck getting raptured unless you’ve taken care of those you’ll leave behind.

Any more good slogans out there for my new venture?


  1. LOL-- how about "Because you're perfect, you love them DESPITE their imperfections. Because you're perfect, you'll be leaving them IN their imperfections. Why WOULDN'T you provide them with the perfect financial security for the end times? Since they'll be ALONE. Because YOU'RE perfect."

  2. Ha, ha. Funny stuff!

    How about: "If you're raptured, you can't take your stuff with you--so why not insure the ones you leave behind can use it?"

  3. I love this! Sadly, I think you could find quite a market for this... I just wonder what all of those people who sold their homes and quit their jobs in preparation for the END are doing now ;)- There's another idea - insurance for the rapture that doesn't come when predicted, hm?


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